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Z is for Zebras in the Zoo

Happy Tuesday to everyone!  I am feeling great today.  We had a great week last week and I am looking forward to another.

I realized last week that posting every couple days is much easier on me then everyday.  By the time I get all my photo's edited and then write my blog is is early in the am.  I love to share everything we do, I tend to write a lot of detail instead of just a summery.  I leave a bunch out too.  I often find that I forget to write about things.  We are usually constantly doing an activity, talking about a preschool topic, or playing pretend.  If I did remember everything each time I blogged my blogs would be longer then they already are.

Monday I introduced the letter z in circle time.
Circle Time

We practiced handwriting on the whiteboard. 

There was also time for improve story telling. (More about this below under Bible)

We reviewed letters from the last 3 weeks (x, g, and a).  I wrote them all on the white board including our new letter z and we said them together with their motions. The new motion is galloping like a zebra as you say "z-z-zebra".  Then I gave each boy a marker and, taking turns, asked them to circle the g, then a, etc.

We talked about the zoo then I asked "what animals do you see at the zoo?"
As they named them I asked "what sound does that animal make?"
This started some loud growling and roaring which they both loved.
For this discussion I put up the felt.  When they named 1 of the 4 animals I had made of felt I put it on the felt board.  After circle time I put clothes pins on the feet so they would stand on their own.  Each boy picked his favorite to keep at his desk for the rest of the day and take home.

Clothespin Animals

  • Felt
  • 2 Clothespins per animal
Depending on how many animals and what animals you want to make changes the amount/color of material needed.
I did not use a template just cut out animal shapes from felt.  I did not glue on the spots or the stripes for the animals so the kids could enjoy place them.  I also did not add faces, yet. 
I made a zebra, lion, giraffe, and polar bear. I would like to make more but don't have the right color of felt. 

Noah's Ark
I used magnets as well as the Bible to tell the story of Noah.  When I finished reading the story the boys wanted to play with the pieces.  This is a great way to help them remember and understand the story.  Sometimes they ask questions.  Together we repeated this weeks bible verse then the boys took turns saying it by themselves.

Before I introduced the new verse though I wanted to briefly review the last 2 we have learned.  I didn't think they would be able to remember so I didn't ask them to recite them.  I just explained we were reviewing then started to say them.  To my surprise Spencer chimed in and remembered the end of the 1st verse!  I was so excited.  After how I was feeling at the end of last week this was conformation that God's word is power and to keep going.  It is heard, even if just a little bit. :D

Tuesday I asked Little Dragon to tell me the story with the magnets instead of reading.  He did a pretty good job at this and asked if I could leave it up for the remainder of the day. He especially liked putting the animals in the pockets.


We are in the process of making tp roll animals.  Both boys colored their animals and cut them out.  We have not finished yet though.

Zebra Z

  • Letter z cut out
  • Marble
  • Black paint
  • Large tin
  • Large piece of paper (optional)

Tape the large piece of paper to the bottom of the tin then Little Dragon chose where on that paper to tape his letter z.  

Dip the marble in black paint until it is coated then drop it in the tin.  

Move the tin all around to make stripes with the marble.

We dipped the marble several times before Little Dragon said he was done.

He liked moving it side to side the most, you can see the most paint at the bottom where he kept the marble.

When the paint is dry remove the Z from the yellow paper and you not only have your zebra z bur also a second piece of art with a z on it :).  (Yellow and black aren't bad colors for Halloween either.)

A new week calls for a new folder!
Little Dragon has come to enjoy his folders.  He likes to thumb through them and pick an activity to complete.  He also knows when he completes the folder he gets the daddy folder with a new activity.

He thumbed through and stopped at the Put Me In The Zoo page.  We have read the book before but not this week and he was excited to see it.  I gave him the circle stickers and away he went.

This is a good activity for fine motor skills.  

The goal is to get the sticker completely over the circle.  

Little Dragon completed a happy vs sad worksheet too.

To practice writing the letter z the boys used a rainbow salt bin, which quickly turned into a sensory bin :). 

We made our weekly pencil topper.  

Little Dragon picked black paper which is perfect for the Zebra theme. 

This week we are practicing writing and recognizing Little Dragons name.  He recognizes his name so handwriting practice it is.  To accomplish this we made rainbow names.  I wrote 'mom' on one paper and 'Spencer' on another with highlighter.  Then together we went through the colors of the rainbow (mentioning our Bible story while we were at it) and traced the letters in our names.  Towards the end this did take a little coaxing Little Dragons attention span was dwindling.  

Daddy Folder
With Little Dragon leaving early last week and Jerry's busy work schedule Monday they both had time to sit down and do an activity together.  
This time it was building a paper car. 

My sister sent me this template so I unfortunately cannot provide a link. :/
Together Jerry and Little Dragon cut the car out then carefully folded it.  Added a bit of glue and 'poof' a car!
When it was finished Little Dragon jumped up and down clapping saying he loved it!  
He pushes it around proudly saying that he made it with Jerry. 

My lesson plan called for making a lion out of a paper plate.  I am out of paper plates and did not want to make a trip to the store so I improvised.  I told Little Dragon we could paint his face like a zoo animal.  He picked cat, which turned tiger.  

We snacked on animal crackers while discussing zoo animals again and did a bit of math.  If you have 4 animal crackers and eat one how many do you have left? And so on in this fashion.

Lastly I wanted to share with you all that I made my first dish from the apples we picked.
German Apple Pancakes!
It was really good and not to fatty.  I found the recipe on Pintrest. 

 Lesson plans at motherhoodonadime .


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