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Abandonment hurts
I mentioned that there have been some issues in my last post.

I am sharing this mostly because if any one has any advice I welcome it with open arms.
Also if anyone else is dealing with this they are not alone.  I know it is always nice when I read that I am not the only one who is having a hard time.  That sometimes it is normal.

Athena's bio mom was was only seeing Athena once a week (if that) for awhile and has recently in the last two weeks wanted to spend more time with Athena.

Of course this has caused some emotional/behavioral regression.  I am seeing more then just tantrums this time.  She is not talking in full sentences, taking naps, and having trouble answering simple questions she was able to answer before.

When she came home last week she threw up and had diarrhea.  We figured she was sick.  She was so tired she ended up going to bed early.

The next day she was fine.  She did not complain about her tummy and had no bathroom problems.
One day flu m…

Egg Hunt In The Dark

There is a lot I want to say here in my blog today about things that have come up in the last week.
They are not related to preschool but are some hard issues my family is facing.

I am going to write about it after sharing our Easter Activities! 

On Wednesday I set up an E Easter Bath  after preschool was finished.  I put a lot of bubbles in the tub and dropped in some plastic eggs.  To the kids this was just like hiding them! :D

So many bubbles! 
Inside the eggs I hid some foam pieces the kids could use to make mini foam people or other creations. 

Spencer just woke up from his nap so he looks a little dazed. 

All the bubbles turned into a bubble fight! 

Athena got Spencer first... 

and he turned right around and smeared bubbles on her. 

Both of them laughed and laughed! 

This went on for at least 20 min.  

I set up stations today but the kids were only interested in reading and the preschool activities so the other stations were not visited. 
I took the foam out of the bath and wet the back,…

Streamers Obstacle Course

Today was great!
I was up early and had everything set up for the preschool by 8:30 am.

Breakfast was done early too.

I feel like today we had extra hours squeezed in.  The kids did so much and still had a good amount of time for pretend.

Egg station- for this station I just set out a bunch of plastic eggs small and large for play.  I also provided pom poms so the kids could match or mis-match the colors.  
Reading station- I went to the library yesterday to get new books.  The kids spent a good amount of time looking through the new selection. 
Easter stickers-  I left this station up for Liam, Emma, and Isaiah.  I knew they wold be excited to play with the stickers which would excite my two dragons.  It worked well.  I was able to get Athena's hair done while the other kids sorted the stickers. 
Egg station turned 'store'- It didn't take long for the egg station to become a store.  The kids found a magic erase board to keep their records and pretended…