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R Is For Rocks

I feel like my blog posts have been very long of late.  I have been trying to play catch up and it is easier to write a whole week at once.  This time I am going to attempt to split up the week so I will have 2 posts about the letter r.  Monday I should be back to my regular schedule with my blog and posting twice a week again.

That is what I am hoping for anyway.

David and Goliath was our story this week.  R is for the rock that David throws at Goliath.
The kids had a lot of fun with this story.  There were a lot of activities to do and most of them were interactive.  I was also feeling better this week and had the energy to set up more activities.

The first day I read the story to the boys from the Bible.
After the story each boy drew a Goliath face on a paper plate.  We took out the tape measure and measured 9 ft from the wall and taped the face there.  (I was going to tape the plate on the wall so the boys could have a better visual but my ceilings were not high enough.)

I l…

Nest Science

During our study of the letter q we talked a little bit about birds because a quail is a bird.
Along with looking at pictures of birds, talking about their colors, and making bird feeders we did an experiment.
What type of bird nest is the best?  A flat nest or a round nest?
To discover the answer to this question the boys pretended to be trees.  Their arms were the branches.  I didn't have any hard boiled eggs so we used jumbo marshmallows for eggs.
Before putting the 'eggs' in the nests I asked the boys which they thought was a better nest.  They both answered the round nest. 
I put an 'egg' in each nest.   Both 'eggs' stayed.  I asked the boys again which nest was better.  Their answer was the same.  
Then the wind blew and the branches shook...
And the 'egg' fell right off the flat nest.
This confirmed the hypothesis.  The boys were correct.  A round nest protects the eggs better.   Although the boys were not done experimenting, they wanted to kno…

Q Is For Quail

We worked on q for a couple weeks.  Little Dragon was not quite getting the letter so we took an extra week.  I also got sick so keeping to schedule was difficult.

We had a few stories to get through this week because the following lesson week we are focusing on David and Goliath.

Q comes from the quail God provided during the Israelite's time in the wilderness.

Our verse this week "My God will take care of all your needs." -Philippians 4:19

We also read about parting the Red Sea, the ten commandments, and Ruth and Naomi.

There wasn't much to do with the white board for these stories. We did talk about the things God has provided for us, our blessings.  We also talked about the commandments.  There wasn't as much discussion on this, Little Dragon is only 3 and is still learning to listen to our rules I didn't want to overdue it adding all commandments.  There were a couple things that he could understand such as 'obey your parents' and 'you…