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Week 4 Wrap Up

This week and last week I have wished we had more time on a subject.  It's not because we are not finishing the lessons or that Little Dragon isn't understanding what we are doing.  It's because I have so many ideas once we get started for activities but we just don't have time to do everything.   

Jerry tells me that it is okay, I do more then an 3 year old even needs.  If I continue to try to do everything I will drive myself crazy.  He is right, of course.

My original plan for a sensory activity this week was an edible zoo.  My plan changed when Little Dragon showed up at almost 11 in the same clothes with his face still painted from Tuesday.

I grabbed the zoo Lego's tied some ribbon from the shower rod and made a Zoo Tub!

Little Dragon loved this!  He was in the tub for an hour and we played as he called it 'friends' with the animals together.

I don't know why he is making this face but it was so adorable I had to post it.   Little Dragon did…

Z is for Zebras in the Zoo

Happy Tuesday to everyone!  I am feeling great today.  We had a great week last week and I am looking forward to another.

I realized last week that posting every couple days is much easier on me then everyday.  By the time I get all my photo's edited and then write my blog is is early in the am.  I love to share everything we do, I tend to write a lot of detail instead of just a summery.  I leave a bunch out too.  I often find that I forget to write about things.  We are usually constantly doing an activity, talking about a preschool topic, or playing pretend.  If I did remember everything each time I blogged my blogs would be longer then they already are.

Monday I introduced the letter z in circle time.
Circle Time

We practiced handwriting on the whiteboard. 
There was also time for improve story telling. (More about this below under Bible)
We reviewed letters from the last 3 weeks (x, g, and a).  I wrote them all on the white board including our new letter z and we said them togeth…

Week 3 Wrap Up

These are the last and/or completed activities for Week 3-A is for Apple.

During this week there were some projects that took a couple of days to complete.

Apple Tree Craft Part 3


Fall tree part 2Green paintFingers I taped the tree to the easel and gave Little Dragon two different colors of green paint.  I went with green because I wanted the tree 'leafs' to be fall colored and it would be difficult to see the red apples.  We had also just come from the apple orchard and had picked plenty of green apples so it worked out well.

While he finished this project we talked about the story of Adam and Eve.  I didn't want to go over it like a review so it was more of a conversation. 
He placed his finger in the green paint then pressed it onto the tree.  He put some on the ground below the leafs on the painting.  I thought this was creative.  This is how he saw the apples at the orchard. 

We read the full story of Adam and Eve today.  Starting with garden and cont…

Apple Picking

We went on our first field trip to an apple orchard!
When we arrived at the apple orchard it started sprinkling.  Then a bit more than a sprinkle.  We grabbed our umbrella and jackets and continued to walk to the apple tree.  It was warm and the rain drops were small.  We decided to stay.   
When we turned down the first row of trees the rain stopped and the sun pushed it's way through the clouds. We were blessed with a dry sky the rest of our time. 
There was a lot of open space the boys enjoyed running through.With apples on the ground and slick grass from the rain the boys did fall often.  It was adorable, as if they were toddlers again.  They didn't fall hard, nor get hurt.  All the falls were soft.  They popped back up and would run again. There were also plenty of bad apples on the ground to observe bugs.
The boys really enjoyed choosing which apples to pick, reaching up and grabbing them and crawling through the trees to get the perfect apple.   After our first bushel of …

A Adventures

The end of the week seems to be coming faster then I am ready for.  Wednesday went really well in preschool we accomplished a bunch.  Thursday Little Dragon and I were both worn out and took it easy.  There is not much left to do; we can finish it all tomorrow.

Wednesday and Thursday I left out the circle busy bag from Tuesday and added this fall tree on Wednesday.

I found this on 3Dinosaurs

Little Dragon covered his car in pom poms and thought it was really funny.  He also threw them around a bit.

Little Dragon finished his creation book Wednesday.  I am really excited to have it, he doesn't seem thrilled.  :/

Day 5 of Creation Book


White paperFeathers Fish stickers Little Dragon put his fish on first then glued the feathers all over the page.  Easy breezy.

Fall Tree Craft part 2
Materials Part one of fall tree craftYellow, red, and orange paintHands I taped the dry part 1 of this craft to the easel and set out the paint.  Little Dragon started with yellow paint.  I h…