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A Is For Apple, Apple, Apple

Another Monday, another letter.
This week brings the letter a, Adam and Eve, and circles.

Spencer left early again Monday to go to a Steelers game (bleh) and today I spent an unexpected 7 hours at the grocery store.  Who spends 7 hours at the grocery store?!  Me and my mother-in-law to be.  We really enjoyed ourselves and took time to look at every item the store carried, literally.  There was more then groceries at the store too.

 Bible Story

We did not read the full story of Adam and Eve Monday.  The story is being split up over the week.  We will add a little bit at time to help remember the story.
Monday morning it was the story of the Garden of Eden.  The Bible explained it's purpose and it's rules.  The end of the mini-story was God giving Adam a partner, Eve.

I Googled Adam and Eve felt board pieces and found the Adam and Eve I am using on the board.  The other pieces I have had for other projects.

Tuesday we left early afternoon for the grocery store but were waiting to be picked up.  I didn't want to be picked up in the middle of the story so we did not complete the second day of the Bible story.

There was a lot of painting on Monday.
 I had all the paint stuff ready to go Friday but Little Dragon was picked up early.

We didn't do any creative art last week so I really wanted to complete this activity.  (Plus I wanted to use the easel for painting.)

Because this was already set up it was a little distracting for the boys but I wanted them to be interested. :)

I aproned them up and they were ready to start the painting. 

 They picked their sides of the easel and stood there staring at me.  I am trying to let them direct their own activities to get their imaginations flowing.  I think they were a little stunned at what to do with no paint brushes.  I told them to use the flowers.  The painting began.

Fall Painting
  • Big paper
  • Red, yellow, green, orange
  • Cut up pool noodle 

Isaiah stamped mostly, Spencer rubbed his flower along the paper.  The paintings turned out very different. 
I did not get a picture of Spencers because it was to light to see.  I did give them fall colors to paint with so I could display the painting with fall decor. 

Day 6 of Creation Book

  • White paper
  • Animal stickers
  • Photo of child making the book
Little Dragon taped the picture of himself to the paper then placed the animal stickers around it.  He was so proud of his work today.  

Apple Tree Craft-part 1
  • Big paper
  • 2nd piece of paper (optional)
  • Brown paper
  • A little persons foot
  • Masking tape
  • Bowl of water
  • Towel

I did not have brown paint so I mixed orange and blue.  It turned out more of a dark greenish color then brown but the orange was pastel like and it effected the mixing.  

I rolled up Little Dragons pant leg and took off his sock.  He held onto my shoulder as he stepped in the paint.  He put all his weight on that foot and slid forward.  It was a good thing I was holding on to him too or I would have had a painted Spencer.  
Before we started I taped the paper to the floor so it wouldn't slide around.  
I helped Little Dragon place his foot and lift straight up.  The first print didn't work.  His foot slid a bit.  The second print was much better. 
The additional paper was there for an after the footprint foot painting.  

You can wash the kids feet as soon as you get a foot print but I wanted the kids to enjoy the activity.  They laughed as the paint squished between their toes and how their feet slid around on the free print paper.  
When the paint was gone I placed their feet in the bucket of water, washed them, then dried them.  Very minimal mess :)

Day 7 of the Creation Book
  • White paper
  • Sharpie
Write "God Rested"  on the page.  Waa-laa.  Done. 
The Creation Book is almost complete!  I will have the last steps posted soon. 

Apple Printing
  • At least 3 pieces of white paper
  • Yellow, green, and red paint
  • Halved apples
Science Touch
Before we started the painting I set out an apple of each color. Yellow, green, and red.  I let the boys observe them for a couple minutes before joining them.  I started asking questions:  
"Do you like apples?"
"How do these feel?"
"How do they smell?"
"How do they taste?"
"What do they look like?" (I ask this question for color and shape recognition.  I ask this way instead of "what color is it?" because I want them to describe the object to me using it's features.  This helps them make dendrites!)

Then I cut the apple and asked the questions again.  This time I mostly heart "It's juicy, it's juicy".  I am not sure they even heard the questions both boys were taken with the juice. 

Then we started making apple prints! 

I reminded the boys about the seeds we bagged up and placed in a dark place last week.  We ran downstairs together bubbling with excitement to see what we would find.  When I picked up the bag there was no change.  It looked the same as when placed it in the dark place.  The excitement started to fade from the boys' faces.  I told them we could open the bag and check the seeds.

Little Isaiah could hardly contain his excitement

Spencer is holding the plastic bag in his hands...
We unfolded the napkin and found...

Little roots! The boys darted for the magnifying glasses and began observing them.   How cool!  We did not see anything from the smaller black seeds but the big pumpkin seed and the smaller cucumber seeds proved to fun to look at. 

To remember the letter a Little Dragon puts his hands on his cheeks and says 'ah-ah-A'.  He thinks this is pretty funny when I do it.  
To get more practice on recognizing the letter we spent some time this morning looking through adds hunting for the letter a.  

Little Dragon was bored of this activity quickly.  The plan is to cut them out and glue them into our Alphabet Book.  We just didn't have time today.

Little Dragon also practiced circles. 

He had to match circles of varying sizes to the circles on the paper. 

He wanted to match the color of the lid/cap to the color the circle was on the paper.  I didn't create the activity this way, therefore it didn't work, but it was good thinking on his part.

All finished! 

I think I am going to set out this circle activity again tomorrow as a busy bag along with another activity I haven't shared yet but am excited to put out for Little Dragon. 

Tomorrow is another day!  I feel that it is okay that I didn't finish today.  We completed some work and will work hard again tomorrow.  

God bless :)


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