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B is for Boat

Boats.  It is all about boats this week.  The time Jesus spent on boats and more fun stuff.

Our focus is still on Jesus and this week we are taking about Jesus calming the storm and walking on water.  The kids did awesome with this unit.

 We did some crafts that I break down below.  During each craft we talked about our bible stories and added something about Jesus to each of them.

We used the boat puppet to help illustrate the story of Jesus calming the storm. 
We discussed how Jesus walked on water and how Peter walked on water and the differences there. 
Are song this week was "I have peace of a river in my soul" I liked this song it was very catchy. 
Our bible verse is "those on the boat worshiped him and said 'truly you are the son of God'".   -Matthew 14:33

I checked out a book from the library for us to read some stories of Jesus from a different source.


Boat puppet


half a paper plate2 triangles cut out of construction pape…

No More N (Wrap up week 14)

This post is full of name activities which were a lot of fun! 

The second half of the week we spent more time discussing the bible story.  I didn't think the kids would get much more out of the short story in our bible.  We played out Jesus calling his disciples together.  The kids and I all took turns calling names and following the leader.  First we called each other by name (or pretend names) then called out any of the disciples names remembered.  This was a fun activity to remember the disciples and talk about how we follow Jesus.
While we played follow the leader I asked the kids how they can follow Jesus.
I also asked them if they would get up and follow Jesus like the disciples did.  With no questions, if, and's, or buts.

We played a 'what disciple name can you remember' game.   I asked what they remembered, they yelled out names and when they got one right they got an m&m.  Simple rules.  I like that.

Circle Time
I have been spending more time doing c…

N is for Name

Names.  What is a name?  That is an interesting question for a preschooler.  After I asked I had a couple minutes of silence.  They really had to think about it.
A name is what we call someone/something.  We identify something/someone by their name.
I asked a couple more questions

What is your name?What is your nick name?What are your animals names? Stuffed animals in our case because we don't own a pet.  We spent some time naming most of the stuffed animals the kids owned. Then we talked about their pretend names.  *rolls eyes*  Who knew there would be so much fun in the topic of names. 

Bible On the topic of names we talked about Jesus and his twelve disciples.  This was more fun then I had originally thought it would be.  
I used the felt board to help with Jesus and his twelve disciples.

We sang a Twelve Disciples Song too.

We don't really know what the disciples look like so together the kids and I drew pictures on the back of each name of what we think they would look like…