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Christmas Tic-Tac-Toe

This is a fun easy game to play with the kids.  
I love this version because it is so big, it doesn't waste paper, it's quick, it's easy to store, and easy to clean up. 

The rules are standard tic-tac-toe rules no changes there.  
All you need is a flat surface and some holiday themed manipulatives for your 'x's and o's'.  

This year we made a board out of 1 piece of paper or a cardboard box.  In the past we have used ribbon or yarn. 

I cut out my own holiday shapes from some foam I already had in the house.  

The kids love playing this game with daddy! 

Our Elf on the Shelf also played this game with some stuffed friends :)

Merry Christmas! 
Thank you for reading liking, and sharing! 

33 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Once you have had your elf for a couple years ideas aren't so easy to come by because you have already done a lot of them.  So here are some ideas of what we have done in the past and perhaps there are a few you haven't seen :) 

1. Sitting on a decoration- This was one I did when I was really tired and didn't want to think of something fun or silly.  But still cute! 

2. Inside a paper towel roll on the counter- This one is great because then I can move him around without touching him to keep a good eye on the dragons through the day. 

3.Spelling how many days are left with cereal- We always do a countdown the last week with the elf.  Any cereal will work really. 

4. Reaching for the star- A cute concept that includes the tree.  

5. Iron man vs. Elf- The dragons were really into Disney Infinity this year so I had Iron man scorch Fizban. They thought it was funny! 

6. Captured by the bears!

7. Candy cane hunt- The elf hid candy canes around the house for the dragons to find.
8. Elf …

5 Months

5 months I can not believe it has been 5 months since we brought our baby girl home.  So much has changed in that small amount of time and will continue changing quickly. 
This month I have seen more drastic changes and much more personality from my baby girl then the preceding months.  Here are some things that 5 month baby's are doing and learning and some tips on how you can help them along. 

Mouth This month really starts a discovery period and the mouth is the main way a baby discovers the world around them.  1 reason for this is because they have more nerve endings in their mouth then the rest of their body so they are not only tasting but feeling each object.  
You will find that everything baby can hold she will want to explore with her mouth, including her toes. 
As for me I have older kids and the challenge is getting them to make sure their toys, which are all miniature for some reason, are not in baby's reach.  Because if she sees it, she is reaching for it and once i…