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W is for Whale

I do have to say I am excited about week 12-letter W.  There are so many things you can do with water!  Crafts, science, and sensory!

It is already Wednesday and we have only achieved 1 day of preschool due to the weather.  Because school was canceled Doll Dragon went to her moms to spend time with her sister and I had a Visiting Dragon.  I decided to allow Little Dragon and Visiting Dragon play for the day to give them a snow day.
Then we had another snow day.  Regardless, I had full intentions of doing preschool today but Little Dragon did not show up until lunch time.  This put a big hold on our schedule.

Because of the above reasons I am posting about 1 day of lessons and a day activity that we did today.

Our story this week is Jonah and the Whale-perfect for water!
I love this story and the lessons it teaches.
We talked about obedience and trust after the story.  Also God's forgiveness.

Bible Verse:  Our God is slow to anger and full of unfailing love.

Finishing Fire Week 11 Wrap Up

The end of our week went well.  We continued to work on the letter F even after preschool hours.  I am not usually good at this but Jerry was this week.  I told him about my worries and he really  helped out by pointing out the letter F often.

We continued to read the story of the fiery furnace everyday.
Thursday Little Dragon made a picture of the three men and the angel in the burning fiery furnace

Fiery Furnace

2 pcs of construction paperpencilmarkerstissuesgluescissors
The lesson called for tissue paper but I didn't have any on hand and could not run to the store to buy some, so Little Dragon made his own.   I gave him some tissues and he colored them with red, orange, and yellow markers. 

Little Dragon drew 4 figures on construction paper.  He gave them eyes, hair, and belly's of course.

Next he cut them out and glued them onto the second piece of construction paper.  He moved on to cutting up our homemade tissue paper then glued that on top of the figures.


F is for Fire

This week is coming to a close and Little Dragon still hasn't caught on to the letter F.  
Before the holidays I thought I may need to extend the lessons for an additional week because Little Dragon is having a hard time retaining the information.  I am positive now that a week is not enough time for him.  
I extended the letter K for two weeks and by the end of the second week he got it, but now he keeps saying K instead of F.  Perhaps I need to find a new way to transition.
My lesson plan is planned for only a week and I don't know how to extend it yet.  He is 3 and maybe it is not necessary.  He doesn't need to have it memorized right now.
Doll Dragon is only here for 2 days of our preschool and extending to two weeks will give her 4 days of the letter.  She already knows all of her letters but she enjoys being part of the activities and she is still exploring. :)

If you are following the Gods Little Explorers lesson plan from motherhoodonadime we are no longer on th…

Paper House and Glow Worms-Mini Projects

Daddy Folder This was the first file folder Doll Dragon did with daddy after her long time away.  She loved the concept of the folder and holds the little paper house close to her heart.   I found the printable for the paper house here.  You cut out the different pieces then glue or tape them together.  We found that tape works best.  I also found that the kids love the finished paper products but it is difficult for them to help.  The cutting is precise and the folding is also.  I printed out a bunch of these but haven't put them in the folder again because of the above reasons. 

I wrote a post about the kaleidoscope that Jerry made with Doll Dragon earlier this week.  He made one with Little Dragon later in the week.  Both the kids love their kaleidoscopes (even though they don't work).  It is special because they made it with Daddy. 

Kiwi Crate I have posted about Kiwi Crate before in my posts.  They are monthly delivered boxes full of crafts and all of the items needed to m…

Kings Play

Sensory Play
I had kitchen sensory bin written in my lesson plan but I could not remember what I had in mind when I wrote it.  I didn't write down any clues or tags to jog my memory.  The kids have a toy kitchen in the playroom but they tend to enjoy playing with real kitchen utensils more.  
I put some spices in the bin along with some measuring cups filled with some leftover baking supplies,  walnuts and butterscotch chips.  I also added potatoes.  They don't make a mess and won't spoil or bruise easily.  Of course there were also pans, spoons, plates, and bowls.  

Creative Play
Together Little Dragon and I built a Lego Castle.  Little Dragon lay down his blanket for the moat.  He also built two Lego boats for the moat. He also built chairs for our Lego people to sit it.  We worked on number recognition with the number Legos.  Once the castle was finished we played pretend with the people. 
Dramatic Play
Jerry and I made a castle for the kids to play in.  We used two tall …

Kings Castles

I am very happy I decided to continue the letter K into this week.  We have had a great time keeping our focus on the letter K.

Our curriculum is based on bible stories but not every activity talks about the bible.  We study the alphabet, numbers, shapes, etc.
The past few weeks in addition to our daily bible story that I read to the kids we are spending quiet time with the bible.  The kids each have a bible and I have mine.  We sit together and read to ourselves, writing down things that stand out or interest us.  Since we have been spending more time getting to know God through the bible I have noticed he comes up during our other daily activities.

Last week we read about King David.
This week we read about King Solomon.  There is a list of wise sayings of King Solomon in our bible.  We read them together and talked about how we can use these sayings in our life.
We focused on a couple from Proverbs:
There is one who is free in giving, and yet he grows richer.  And there is one…