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Review and Christmas Activities

This week we mostly focused on reviewing the letters we have learned about.  There has also been a lot of reading practice for Doll Dragon from our favorite Bob Books. Although I have not been reading enough to Little Dragon.  I always forget about reading to him.  It makes me feel bad writing that but it is the truth.  Sometimes it is easy to forget because I have my focus on the things he needs to learn.  I started flash cards with him, so we have been reading the same 3 words all week.

I need to pick up a book and read it.

Our Bible activities are the same as last week. I did not add anything new because of the review.  I don't want to overwhelm the dragons.  

Bible Verse is "For unto us a child is born" Isaiah 9:6 which both the kids have memorized now.

We have been really busy this week with outside the home activities and haven't had a lot of time in our 'classroom'  I did reviews of the letters we have learned, not so much the numbers.  We do o…

Fizban The Elf

Day 3-Car track
Little Dragon showed good behavior and was rewarded with a track to play cars with.

Day 4- The book
After a couple days of small sneakyness The Elf left a wrapped book on the kids's book shelf.  They were so excited when they found it hidden between the other books.

 They ran downstairs tickled with excitement to show me and Jerry the book they found on the bookshelf.

There was some screaming and jumping before they even opened up the wrapping.
 They opened it together and Daddy read them The Elf on the Shelf.  The story of the elf that was leaving behind messes.

This was a perfect way to introduce the elf.  I wasn't planning on buying an elf on the shelf and it surprisingly my Aunt bought me one for the kids.  I did not want the kids to see the elf in the box so it was perfect for them to find the book first then wake up the next morning to the elf.

At first the kids thought this was just a story book.  They didn't understand the reality that the elf would…

Letter J for Jesus

Focus on Jesus is perfect for the month of December.  I want to make sure we are talking about the miracle and love of Christ during the magic of Santa and Christmas.

Our house is full of imagination and magic during the Christmas season. Even though we do pretend Santa is real and leaves presents for good boys and girls we take more time talking about the reason we celebrate Christmas-that is Christ.

The whole month of December our we will be learning about the letter J, candy canes, and the birth of Jesus.  Of course we are going to take a couple weeks off for the holidays to just enjoy the magic.

Heads up a was a bad picture taker this week.  I didn't take my camera out as often as I usually do.

To introduce the story of Jesus I used the YouVersion Bible app for kids.   We listened to The First Christmas Gift.  It was awesome!  My kids loved it and I loved it.  It was very interactive and colorful.  The story was also short enough that the kids did not get bored listening…