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A Adventures

The end of the week seems to be coming faster then I am ready for.  Wednesday went really well in preschool we accomplished a bunch.  Thursday Little Dragon and I were both worn out and took it easy.  There is not much left to do; we can finish it all tomorrow.

Wednesday and Thursday I left out the circle busy bag from Tuesday and added this fall tree on Wednesday.

I found this on 3Dinosaurs

Little Dragon covered his car in pom poms and thought it was really funny.  He also threw them around a bit.

Little Dragon finished his creation book Wednesday.  I am really excited to have it, he doesn't seem thrilled.  :/

Day 5 of Creation Book


  • White paper
  • Feathers 
  • Fish stickers
Little Dragon put his fish on first then glued the feathers all over the page.  Easy breezy.

Fall Tree Craft part 2
  • Part one of fall tree craft
  • Yellow, red, and orange paint
  • Hands
I taped the dry part 1 of this craft to the easel and set out the paint.  Little Dragon started with yellow paint.  I helped him place his hand then he went on to orange paint, them red.  I did not rinse Little Dragons hand between colors because I wanted them to mix a little. 

To use up the extra paint and let Little Dragon be creative I taped up his paper from an earlier craft this week.  He smeared his hands around in the paint a bit then started stamping his hands on the paper.  He did get a bit aggressive with the painting but he wasn't hurting anyone or anything and I figured this was a healthy way to express his frustration.  

Little Dragon is not expressing much about this painting so I plan to have him continue adding it.

A Adventures
Early in the week Little Dragon went through some adds and circled the letter A.  Wednesday he cut them out and glued them in his alphabet notebook.

I also helped him make letter a pencil topper. 

Most of our Thursday preschool was working in the letter a folder.  Some handwriting practice, coloring pictures that start with a, shape practice, and a "what goes together worksheet."  

Little Dragon has been writing and seeing the letter x everywhere.  It is a very easy letter to see in every day life, although I would like to see him start noticing the letter g and a as well.
We will get there I suppose.  Its still the beginning. 

We took some more apples out of the fridge and cut them open.  We cut a yellow, green, and red apple.  Little Dragon semi dug the seeds out of each apple.  After the first apple he would ge excited with each cut pointing out the seeds to me waiting to get the the apple pieces to take out the seeds.  
We graphed and counted how many seeds each colored apple had. 

Green had many more seeds then any other apple.  I was surprised.  I want to research and find out why but I haven't had a chance.  

When we were all finished graphing Little Dragon tasted each apple.  We talked about crunchy, soft, sweet, sour, and tart.  There was a graph for this activity in the letter a folder but we did not end up filling it out.
Little Dragon did find that his favorite apples are red.  

Kitchen Adventure
When tasting was over Little Dragon and I diced up the remaining apples to make homemade applesauce!  

Recipe for homemade applesauce
  • 8 medium apples
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 Tbls lemon juice
  • 1 Tbls pure vanilla
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  1. Dice apples and peel them.
  2. Place in crackpot
  3. Add water, lemon, vanilla,  and cinnamon. Stir to coat.
  4. Cook for four hours on low
  5. Blend until smooth
It smelled amazing and made the house smell like apple pie all day!  
After blending it was still hot. I served it with butter pecan ice cream. It was delicious. I have an 8 oz can left.

I like to give Little Dragon a themed snack each week.  This week he had a simple apple pie snack.  
Put a little granola in the bottom of a glass, put applesauce on top of that, then a dash or two of cinnamon.

Letter A food list

  • Apples
  • Applesauce
  • Apple butter 
  • Avacado
There are many other foods that begin with a but these are what we ate.

Books Alive
Earlier in the week we read Ten Apples Up On top by Dr. Seuss. 

 I placed a dog, a lion, and a tiger in a bin and added the cut out apple prints for play.  

Together we put apples on the animals heads then Little Dragon tried to balance the apples on his head.  It took a couple times and instruction to keep his chin up but he was finally able to take a couple of steps.   

Tomorrow we have a field trip planned.  I am hoping to get a lot of pictures!  This is our first field trip this year.  :D


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