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Nerf War

I will be trying to plan a group activity for the elementary school kids once a week.  

I am doing this to give them something to look forward to each week and to help with some of the after school chaos.  It also helps the kids relax and let go of the stressful school week. 

This week we had a Nerf War! 
We planned the activity on Monday and talked about it all week. This reminds them a fun activity is coming.  I also needed some extra guns and the notice gave the kids an opportunity to ask to bring some extra guns. 
Friday before the kids got home I had all of the guns out and loaded.  For this activity I had my two dragons and the two that I babysit after school.  Including me and my husband we had 3 girls and 3 boys.  The dragons all agreed boys vs. girls for teams. 

We played a version of steal the bacon.  We had some extra nerf guns that we used for 'bacon'.
Before we could start playing we had a few things to go over.  We gotta play safe!  no shooting the facethe bacon has to b…

3 Month Photo Shoot

Each month we are doing a mini photo shoot for Baby Dragon.  

Our overall goal is DND themed each month because, well, we are nerds.

We also update her character sheet each month with what she has learned or achieved that month. 

Month 3 we focused on character, Fey
I really enjoyed this photo shoot.  Dressing up my Baby Dragon and setting the scene for her to be a little baby fey! 
I put her in a tutu with little green bloomers and used a large headband for her top. 

And a darling golden leaf headband to top of the nature look I was going for. 
I attempted to do this shoot outside but it failed.  I was alone and with an infant.  It would take multiple people to pull that off, I think. 
But thats alright because I took the shoot inside and got some good shots! 

And had some of them edited because lighting was off and I wanted her to look fey like

I think it was successful! 

Daddy helped this time and I was able to get some good cuddle shots too! 

But I wasn't completely satisfied with the sho…

3 Months

Now that Baby Dragon has reached the 3 month mark we are no longer counting weeks.  Milestones are recognized by month.  This month our big focus is on language development.

Here are some things you can do to help your learning baby get the most out of each experience. 

Talk As posted in the last two baby blog posts talk, talk, talk to the baby.  But now maybe kick it up a notch.  Narrate what you are doing.  Point to things and give the name or color.  When you go on walks talk about the things you see.  Now more then just singing and talking pointing and describing things.

I have to admit sometimes I feel silly doing this because Baby Dragon doesn't respond and doesn't understand but it will help her later.

According to my research baby's will store the information they get now for when they are ready to speak.  They may not know what it means now but when all the talking now will help them connect the dots later. Cuddles At this point in development baby knows how to let …