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Abram and Lot

Abram and Lot
lesson from DLTK

Before I read the story to the kids we talked about what a family means.
What does it mean to support each other?
This gave me blank stares.
"What is support?"
I knew this would happen when I asked the question and it left the story open to answer the question for us.
I printed off some of the papers available on DLTK and made a packet.

The packet had small highlights of things we might hear in the story.
I gave the kids each their packet then read the story of Abram and Lot. 

As we were reading and we heard a word in the packet we would find the word and look at the picture.  Then I would re-read that sentence and continue.

This kept the kids very engaged in the story.

When the story was over I asked the question....
What does it mean to support the people in your family?

This time I was given many excited answers to ways we can support each other  :).

After the story I gave the kids their Bible coloring page. It is almost like candy the way my…

Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel
lesson from DLTK
I Googled a picture of the Tower of Babel before we talked about the lesson.
I wanted to hear what the kids thought it was and examine it before we talked about it.
They got the idea that it was really big from the picture I chose and that it went into the sky which were good points.

Before I read the story I pulled the picture up again and told the kids we would be reading a story about this tower, The Tower of Babel.
I reminded them what they had observed about the tower and to listen for those things in the story.

When I handed out the coloring page of the Tower of Babel I read the memory verse to my little dragons and had them repeat it back to me.

Memory Verse: "A man's pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit."  Proverbs 29:23

This was a little much for the kids to understand so we broke it down together on the white board. 

It is something we have to go over more.  I am not very good at repetition-somethin…

Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel
There was no verse to memorize for this story.  It also was not in my children's bible.  I did find a video on YouTube that explained the story well.

The message: God Made Families and My Brothers Keeper

We focused more on God made families and made puppets of our family.

I asked the kids to act out their favorite family moment.

I added the message about a pure heart vs. a black heart.  This idea came to me when we started our review on the white board.

I first wrote both their names on the top of the board.  We talked briefly about who's kids they were and the order they were born.
 Not really the important part of the story but will help with remembering.

Under each name we used magnets to display their jobs.
Cain: Gardner
Abel: Shepard

Then we talked about their offering to God.
Who wanted to give God their best?
Who wanted to keep their best?

During this I drew a heart under each name.
I colored in Cain's heart black after we determined his heart was not …

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve
Verse to memorize
"And God said, 'let us make man in our image, after our likeness and them have dominion over the animals and the earth." Genesis 1:26

The message to get across for this lesson is 'God made me. God loves me. I am special.'

I found some printable sequence cards and we started with these.  Spencer and Athena had the chance to look at them decide what they were and tell a story with the cards.  They have never seen the cards before and the lesson was to encourage creative writing which I posted under the link.

The next day we went over the story of Adam and Eve and I introduced the cards again this time asking them to put them in the correct order.

After the story we discussed the message and I asked some key questions

Who made you?What is your favorite thing about yourself?What makes you special? I gave the kids some time to answer the questions first then gave them a mirror so they could look at themselves and answer again if they like…


Verse to memorize
"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" (Genesis 1:1)

I made a magnet for each day of creation for the magnetic board.

We went over this everyday.  Each day after discussion and thanking the Lord for what he created I gave the kids a coloring sheet in order of creation. There were six pages.  I found them and the lesson plan on DLTK.

During circle time I would rearrange the magnets and the kids would have to put them in the correct order.

We also made pet rocks, earth art, and a magic star painting with this lesson.

The end of the lesson we watched a Creation video.

For more Bible lesson plans click here.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Another fun file folder themed on a loved book.  
The printables for this file folder were from the same disc as the prints for Chicka Chicka Boom Boom file folder.  I cut them up and put them together for the folder.

Inside this folder there are many activities.  There are patterns, clothespin reading cards, matching, and matching words to pictures.

For more fun file folder games click here!

Here We Go Again

Here I am again blogging.  I know, I know it has been awhile.  Things at home have been crazy  there has been a bunch going on this summer.  But through it all we are still a family  and there is always love.

The thing that I am most excited about is that this years preschool is all planned!
I will begin executing the plans Monday.  I am feeling prepared and excited this year is going to be great.  I foresee the kids really enjoying it this year. :)

I did plan something everyday so I can not slack.  After all the work I am holding myself accountable for carrying out our daily lesson.  My sister will also be a big help doing each lesson with me.
One thing I do have reservations about is Athena's attendance. I would love her to be involved in all the activities and field trips, especially going into Kindergarten next year, but with shared parenting plan it will be difficult.  We are trying to convince the other parent that this is a good option.  Spending one more year at home surr…