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Exploring Gardens and Getting Hands Dirty

Completing all the daily activities I have planned has been more difficult this week then last.  I have been feeling so tired.  Not lazy tired, I can't force my eyes open even with coffee tired.  I don't usually sleep more then 6 hours a night but the last 3 days I have been getting at least 10.

It will be three weeks on Monday since we have seen Athena.  Emotions are high.  We are trying to continue living normally but everything is a reminder.  Jerry has continually attempted to communicate with the bm and is not making progress. :(.

I am continuing to pray for both Athena and her bm. Praying to get through this week.

Tuesday Spencer said he did not want to do preschool after breakfast.  I told him I had some activities planned for us to do together but we could watch a show first then complete our lessons.  As I said above I have been really tired.
My little dragons new favorite show is Numbers Ahoy.  It is educational and counts a ton so I have no problem with it.

Once I was dressed we went outside to explore the garden.  
During the summer the kids helped me plant the vegetables, flowers and some seeds.  We watered them  together every  morning.  My garden is in pots so they also helped me move the pots daily to make sure they were getting optimal sun.  I reminded my little dragon of what we did during the summer as we watered the plants during our exploration.  Reviewing what plants need to grow; sun, water, soil. We took some extra time at each plant using the magnifying glass to take a closer look.  
There were some peppers to pick too!  We split open a pepper to look at the seeds inside.  I explained that these seeds make more peppers.  

 While we were outside we gathered some outside things and put them in small pots for a later project. 

Things like

  • grass
  • dirt
  • leaves
  • sticks

We ate some grapes for a snack then it was time for a craft.  Spencer didn't want to do a craft so we went on to the g folder. 

Inside there is a hidden picture of The Three Bears.  The little dragon had to find Baby Bear.  He enjoyed doing this and coloring the picture.  He also completed a handwriting sheet inside. 

At the end of the day we put the seeds that had been in the water on a napkin.

 Using the magnifying glass Spencer observed the seeds up close. 
The small black seeds had a clear casing around them, like a bubble. I didn't get a picture of this but I wish I had.  It looked neat.  The casing allowed these seeds to stick to other seeds, grouping them.  They were also really hard to break.  Spencer and I both tried squishing them between our fingers or putting the seed on the table and pressing on it.  No luck.  It was not happening.   

This started some questions or the question 'why?'.

As soon as I would start explaining though he would start exploring and asking more questions.  I think the explanation of why a seed has a case is a bit much for my little dragon.  But he understood it was there to protect the seed, to keep it alive.  He was satisfied with this answer. 

We cut some seeds in half to explore what was inside.  Spencer enjoyed peeling the seed apart but was not intrigued about its insides.  

Wednesday we were able to get more things done.  We did them at the end of the day but we completed most of my plan.

We did the next 2 pages in creation book using the materials we gathered the day before and stickers. 

Day 3-Land and Plants
  • Blank sheet of white paper
  • Glue
  • Dirt
  • Leaves
  • Grass
Little Dragon spread glue all over the page first.  Then he spread handfuls of stuff from the pot onto the paper.  Together we pressed the dirt and grass down to make sure some of it would stick.  Last he glued on the leaves.  When the glue was dry we dumped the excess dirt and grass from the paper and were left with day 3. 

Day 4-Sun, moon, and stars
  • Blank sheet of white paper
  • Glue
  • Markers (yellow and orange)
  • Cut out moon
  • Cut out sun
  • Star stickers
First was coloring the sun and the moon.  Then gluing them on the page.  Last I gave Little Dragon a sheet of star stickers to place where he wanted.  He kept handing them back saying he was done, then asking for more.  He was very happy with the end result of this one.  

Torn Paper Flower
  • Flower cut out of white paper
  • Scrap paper
  • Jumbo craft stick
  • Small pot
  • Dirt
  • Glue
  • Stickers
Together Little Dragon and I ripped the paper.  At first he wasn't sure if he could rip it.  He asked if it was okay twice before ripping it up.  
When Spencer felt satisfied with the amount of torn pieces he had he started gluing them to the flower.  He was very particular about where to place each piece.  Again when he was happy with the look we glued it on the stick and Little Dragon stuck it in the pot. 
He decorated the pot with some stickers. 
I wrote his name and the year on the back of the stick then it was complete. 

When Little Dragon arrived Wednesday he asked to play outside.  It was a nice day and I had a sensory activity planned that he could enjoy outdoors.

I used brownie mix for the dirt, a cut up pool noodle for the orange foam flowers, and a pipe cleaner worm.

 I brought out the rocks not sure if I wanted to add them but Little Dragon asked if we could add them.  The sensory bin is for him so why not.  He added some sticks and acorns to the bin as well. :)  
I put some beans in the corner and told Little Dragon they were seeds.

Of course after looking at the completed bin he said "I want to put my trucks in there".  And he did. 

The two trucks in the bin filled up the bin.  He had no room to move them around.  I suggested he take one truck out and place it next to the bin.  This worked.  He thanked me and began shoveling dirt into the dump truck. 

After dinner we played the Gumball Game.  It took a minute to get started but Little Dragon caught on quickly.  

This is a file folder game.  The rules are you pull a card and color in that number of gumballs on the graphing sheet.  There is not a winner or a loser.  I have two graphs in the game.  You can play with 2 players or play teams.  It was great counting practice!  

Themed Bath
To end the night I set up a themed bath for Spencer.  My original plan was a garden theme.  But I did this theme last year and didn't have any new ideas.  We also had done a garden sensory bin earlier and I didn't Little Dragon bored. 
I ended up making a creation bath.  
This year our focus is on God.  Our lessons are based or themed on what we are learning from the Bible.  We had completed day 3 and 4 of the creation book and I thought it would be great to bring those two concepts together in the tub.  

I taped some glow in the dark stickers to the wall and put some in the water.  I put the foam flower in the water too.  I also made a letter g out of squares to incorporate the shape and the letter we are focusing on.  
Most of the bath took place in the dark.  The stars were glowing in the water and on the walls.  Little Dragon was very intrigued. 

I put some of the flowers on his fingers and he had flower claws.  He was a monster for a little while.  Then he wanted to just relax in the water.  He tried to bury himself in the flowers.  

This picture turned out really neat.  It looks like he is completely under the water, which he is not.  It is just the way the camera and flash captured the photo.  I think it's neat.


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