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Shape Science

This activity went with our shape unit. 
It took me a little while to think of a shape science experiment. I had many ideas but I wanted it to be an experiment, not just an activity in the science category. 
I went with a shape container experiment. 
A circle containerA square containerWater 
For this experiment the two containers will have to be similar in size. 

I asked Little Dragon which container he thought held more water, the square or the circle.  Before we made our hypothesis Little Dragon wanted to fully examine both containers to make his guess. I was impressed with his desire to make an educated guess so I helped him examine the containers. 
After checking the size difference, putting the containers inside eachother, and seeing which is taller he was ready to make his choice. 
After writing out our hypothesis we took our containers outside with a cup of water. 

We poured it into one container 
and then in the other. 
The results were very close. The shapes held just about th…

Shape Soup

This activity went with our shape unit. 
I was very excited to do this activity and was very happy that Little Dragon really enjoyed it. 
Large potShape buttonsLarge spoonShape song

I made up this song to go along with our soup making. 
I am gonna make soup soup soup How about you you you You can make it too too too Let's make soup soup soup
First we need broth broth broth make it froth froth froth stir the broth broth broth slow like a sloth sloth sloth
I put (shape) in the soup soup soup How about you you you You can do it too too too Put (shape) in the soup soup soup
Continue through the shapes that you have. 
We sang it together while we added the shapes one by one.
We did this a few times over a few days. I left the pot out for Little Dragon to play with whenever he wanted to make shape soup. 

This activity was great for remembering shapes because we were singing the name and then picking up the shape which incorporates many different memory triggers.  

Enjoy your soup making! 

5 Week Infant

There isn't a lot you can do with an infant as far as activities go but there are a few.  I researched quiet a bit to figure out how I can best help my infant grow and found out these tips to start at 5 weeks. 

5 Week infant  start a routine This is very important for the coming months and years.  Getting your child to understand there is a time for everything and getting you and the infant on a schedule will make your life easier and less stressful.   I found that documenting feeding times and nap times over a week to see where you are to start is helpful.  From there you can alter what you need.  start day/night time differential  This is something I didn't realize effected an infant.  We were sleeping with a small night light on so we could see the baby at night.  Make sure she was breathing and such.  After researching I found that having a room that is completely dark will help baby sleep longer and better.  Also, light signals to the brain that it is day time, even if it is…