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T is for Tent

Coming from the downs of last week have kept me down again this week.  Monday was a good day but Tuesday was a very bleh day and today I was really anxious all day.

Good news is Jerry did get to see Athena again but I, again, did not get to see  her.  She cried on the phone last night begging to come over and said she is never going to be allowed over here again. We of course told her she is always welcome here, this is her home.  This is just an emotional situation for all involved.

I have finished what is in my lesson plans but the lesson plan does start to get easier at this week.  The first few weeks were really full of stuff.  I have things to add but am having a hard time adding.  I want to take the easy way out and when I finish my plan just lay down and shut down.

The new focus this week is on the letter t and Abraham.  We have done some fun things with this.

The story we are reading is the story of Abraham.  There a few stories involving Abraham but so far we …

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom File Folder

I made this folder from printables off a disc my mom  bought for me online. I am not sure of the vendor to link it though.

This folder is full of fun to go along with the loved book!
Inside is bingo, same and different categorizing, ordering from big to small, patterns, matching, counting coconuts, and mazes.
All of them are themed to go with the book.