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Leaving L (wrap up week 17)

The second half of the week was difficult.  I had a hard time engaging the kids in any activity.  Both Dragons were full of energy.  I think being cooped up because of the weather was getting to them.
After the seek-n-find activity we did earlier in the week we taped the verse to the window to remind us to love as Jesus did.

Little Dragon retold the story of the Good Samaratian on the white board.

The second half of the week Little Dragon colored his yellow page for is dinosaur color book.  Both Dragons added an Amarillo ice cream scoop to their Spanish ice cream cones.

The Dragons used yellow paper to make a letter activity. 

We had a yellow lunch too!

Alphabet Jerry has been home more since he was laid off so he helped in preschool.  He came up with a sentence activity with the letter L.  It was good reading practice for Doll Dragon and letter recognition for Little Dragon.  
The Dragons used yellow crayons to write L's in their Alphabet Notebooks.  The Dragons made the …

L is for love

The good Samaritan is our story focus this week which is a great story illustrating how to love your neighbor.  The fust couple days we read the story from the bible the next day I took out the magnets and we told the story on the board. 
After the first reading the kids put a bandaid on a stuffed animal. They had to look after that animal all day,  be loving to the animal.  They even brought their animals to their other partents houses to continue looking after them.   All their idea. 

Folders The folders had some nice love activities in them.    A couple weeks ago we read the kissing hand.  I included some activities from that book in their folder.   it's an adorable book about love and it is easy to find love activities with the book. 

First thing in the folder were cards for The Dragons to make little love notes for people they loved.  I also put a station for The Dragons to make a bookmark.  They could give it to someone or keep our if they loved reading books.

Loving yo…

Bread Experiment

What happens to bread when it is left in a dark place for 5 days? 
During our study of Jesus feeds 5000 we did a bread experiment.

two pieces of breadwatermedicine droppertwo Ziploc bags
First things first the dragons explored the bread. They touched,  felt, smelled, and examined the bread.
I wrote down some of the descriptions on the white board.

Then I explained the experiment. We wanted to know what happens to a dry piece of bread and a wet piece of bread kept in a dark place for 5 days. 
Of course the dragons took some guesses on what they thought would happen to both the dry and wet bread.

Next Doll Dragon used the dropper get the bread damp.   Each Dragon then put their bread in their bags and then in the very back of the cupboard. After five days we checked the bread.  They again explored all aspects of the bread, Little Dragon even tasted it.
The results, Little Dragons bread remained mostly unchanged.  It was slightly more firm but not hard. 
Doll Dragons bread did…

Hopping on (Week 16 wrap up)

The end of the week the story of Jesus feeding 5000 was well known to the kids.  Both Dragons also had their bible verse memorized mid week.

To conclude this week of 'hungry' we did a bible verse craft (below) and had 1 last picnic. 
There were not as many animals this time but the Dragons enjoyed each others company and the banana bread.  :)

Bread and fish basket

brown construction paper (2 shades)another piece of construction paper (kids choice)glue stickstickersmarkerspencil Step 1: I cut out basket shapes out of brown construction paper. Step 2: While the kids decorate their baskets with stickers and markers cut out bread shapes out of the other shade of brown construction paper. 
Step 3: Each dragon chose what color they wanted their fish to be.  Step by step the dragons drew their own fish copying off the board. 
Step 4: Cut out the fish and glue them and the bread pieces to the decorated baskets. 
Step 5: Write out the bible verse as the kids relay …