Thursday, August 25, 2016

Art Journal Enrty: Shapes

This entry goes along with our shape unit. 

Art Journal
I recently found out about art journals and thought it would be a wonderful experience with the kids for preschool.  There are so many possibilities with art journals and it is a nice way to express yourself with another person through art.  This activity can look many different ways for many different people.  Art is open, as is journaling.

We will be adding 1 entry a week to our art journal.  The themes, topics, or prompts may be random or may go along with a theme we are learning about for the week.

For this art journal we used

  • Ruler
  • Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Erasers

Before we got started journaling we took some time to get to know our rulers. 
Little Dragon had not used a ruler before so we went over the basics. He was excited to use this new tool. 

I told him we were going to make a city. There are many shapes in a city. You can focus on one shape or make your city full of shapes. 

He was excited to get started. 

The past few weeks he wanted to draw cities so this was the perfect opportunity to fulfill that and teach him how to use a ruler to accomplish it. 

I started off by showing him how to make a building with the ruler. Then he was off. 

He made large buildings, small buildings, short and tall. 

But that is not all that is in a city. 
He also made parking lots with cars, people, and parks. 

His imagination flared at this journal topic. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Evaporation Science

As much as I love science I am bad at remembering to do science projects. Lucky my dragons love science and are always asking questions, so when the opportunity presented itself Little Dragon asked if we could do a science experiment on evaporation.
He had been learning about the water cycle in preschool which is what brought this on. 

We were outside doing our shape science when he asked if we could do another experiment.  
He had it all planned out. 

He wanted to fill up a container with dirt
add water
and watch it evaporate. 

For some reason Little Dragon thought you had to have dirt for water to evaporate.  I explained that water needs nothing but heat to evaporate and demonstrated this by showing him the cement drying in the heat of the sun from our earlier experiment. 

He seemed to understand and gave me a few examples of water evaporating without dirt. 
Such as: 
after it rains

Although he now understood dirt was not necessary for water to evaporate he still wanted to add water to the experiment.  I told him his results may change with he dirt but he didn't mind. 
He got started on his experiment. 

What he wanted to know was how long would it take for all of the water to evaporate.  We knew it would happen (or at least I knew and he was told but wanted to see it for himself).  

He filled a container with dirt

He added some water

We put a sign on the container so none of the neighbors would think it was something to play with

and we put it in the hot sun

The first time we checked on it there was not much change because we finished getting it put together later in the day. 

The next day it rained and filled our container back up. 
Little Dragon thought this was cool too. 

We checked it a couple days later and found the dirt dry and the water gone! 

It took about 2 days for all of the water to evaporate.  

Thursday, August 11, 2016


We spent a week on shapes to make sure Little Dragon had them all down, a review for kindergarten so I knew what he needed to work on.

To start the week I asked him to name some shapes and give me an example of an object that was that shape. For example our front door is a rectangle. This gave me a good idea of which shapes, if any needed some extra practice. 

Little Dragon knew the names of all the shapes so this week was mostly a review which made the activities more fun I think.

We played some shape games 

Little Dragon worked on a shape book 

 He had to figure out the riddle and draw the correct shape.  I thought we would do one a day but he loved solving the riddles so much he finished in two days. 

We also practiced reading with Bob Books, my favorite beginners books

And Little Dragon worked in his red binder
In the red binder we go over
  • what day it is
  • the number of the day (the date)
  • before and after
  •  clocks and time
  • 1 domino math equation
  • practice writing his name
  • rhyming
  • address
  • phone number
  • missing numbers on a number line
  • uppercase/lowercase matching
This list looks long, but we don't go over EVERYTHING everyday.  We always do the main page which has a majority of the list on it and Little Dragon can complete it in about 20-30 minutes.  The rest we pick and choose what he feels up to doing that day. 

In the Kitchen
I made some delicious elephant ears in many different shapes.  

Before we ate them though I had Little Dragon go through and identify each shape.  He wasn't home when I made the elephant ears or it would have been fun to make the shapes with the dough together. It's always a future option. 
We also sorted them by shape. 
We ate them as treats or for breakfast picking which shape we were talking about that day. 

They are great with honey butter, peanut butter, jam, and syrup.  I also like to eat them plain. 

Little Dragon also made shape people with his lunch

Other Shape activites

Have fun exploring shapes and thanks for reading!