Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tea Party

I will be trying to plan a group activity for the elementary school kids once a week.  

I am doing this to give them something to look forward to each week and to help with some of the after school chaos.  It also helps the kids relax and let go of the stressful school week. 

This week we had a Tea Party! 
I watch two kids aside from my own during the school week and I also invited some cousins to join us for tea. 

I asked that the girls wear dresses 

And the boys wear collared shirts

I did talk to the kids about traditional tea parties.  That ladies and gentlemen would get together for tea and sandwiches and socialize. 

We briefly talked about what behaviors ladies and gentlemen show. 

So the kids tried their best to be gentlemen and ladies :)

They even held out their pinky's!

  • 2 tea sets (found at good will)
  • mint candy centerpiece
  • tea sample box 
  • serving tray
  • spoons
  • napkins
Not many supplies are needed to throw a tea party.  Of course you can go as extreme as you want and decorate as fancy as you'd like but I was trying to keep it simple. 

To make the mint centerpiece I bought two different mint types. One type had more vibrant colored mints, the other were more pastel. I also bought some dark chocolate mints, because who doesn't want dark chocolate. 

My centerpiece dish was too big for the amount of candy I bought so I placed a glass in the middle of the dish upside down to take up some space.  I ended up having the perfect amount of candy to fill the dish this way. 

For food I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ham and cheese sandwiches.  I cut each sandwich into quarter triangles.  This making each sandwich more of a finger food and giving the kids the option to eat some of each. 

Before the kids came downstairs we set up the tea cups and the table.  They giggled as they entered the room! 

I don't have a tea kettle so we warmed up some water on the stove and ladled it out into each cup.  Then the kids picked their tea bags. from the sampler. 

They added their tea bags and then passed the sugar cubes around and each took 2.  They stirred their tea and oohed and ahhed at the color change. 

Then it was taste testing time! 

Most of the kids enjoyed their tea, it was pretty much hot punch.  There were a couple who didn't like it and we gave them some punch.  After their first cups we allowed a second cup of tea or a cup of punch.  

The kids drank their tea ate their sandwiches, then enjoyed some mints and cookies.  

Tea party success! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

2 month Photo Shoot

Each month we are doing a mini photo shoot for Baby Dragon.  

Our overall goal is DND themed each month because, well, we are nerds.

We also update her character sheet each month with what she has learned or achieved that month. 

Month 2 our we focused on Treasure! 
Treasure is important to all adventurers

Baby Dragon was happy for this shoot and gave us a lot of fun faces.

For this shoot we used
  • pearls
  • necklaces
  • change
  • gems from the dollar store
  • DND books
  • candle
  • money box from our wedding
  • black sheet

She also did a good job sitting up

Baby Dragon had more neck and body control for this shoot.  She would lean forward or backwards which gave us different angles and worked out great! 

She also responds more to hearing her name which made getting her to look at the camera easy.  

Also being only 2 months she wasn't grabbing for the props, this was a plus. 

Again I am very happy with these photos :) 

Monday, September 19, 2016

After school

I recently wrote a post about after school activities for my elementary aged kids. I wasn't sure what would work best for the kids or myself. 
It has been almost a month now since the kids started school. 
A month of after school bags all over the floor.
A month of loud stir crazy kiddos. 
A month of everyone wanting it their way. 
A month of chaos. 

I need change and I think the kids need change. 

Before I start planning activities I tested the waters with the kids. 
I pulled out some coloring books and crayons, colored pencils. Alice in wonderland and Harry Potter for the older kids and a race car book for the younger. 
I sat down on the floor with the supplies and asked the kids to come and color with me. 

They all came running. They were all excited to color together. We listened to some soft music and chatted while coloring. We admired each other's work. It was quiet relaxing. 

The next day I asked if they would like it if we did activities together after school. They all agreed they would like to do this.  
I figured we could do an activity maybe once or twice a week.

We brainstormed a few ideas. 
One being a tea party.  
All the kids were tickled at this idea.  Let the tea party planning begin!