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Field Trip To The City

We don't get the chance for field trips often so myself and the kids were very excited about our field trip.

We visited the city for our field trip.  We went to the downtown library and rode a trolley to the Peanut Shop.

Our first stop was the library.  We wanted to make the field trip educational and read a book about trolley's before we went on our trolley ride. 

The downtown library was huge!  There was a nice turtle display up for kids to touch and explore.  The librarian took the time when we walked in to talk to the kids about turtles.  There was a real turtle shell too! 

There were plenty of things to play with.  Lego blocks, trains, a doll house, a pretend kitchen with table and chairs, and a sleeping area for baby dolls.  There were also plenty of books (of course) and puzzles. 

The dragons also enjoyed looking at the city and watching the cars drive by. 

After a good amount of time at the library we went outside to catch the trolley.  The cool thing about the trolley…

H is for Hungry

   "I am the bread of life, whoever comes to me will never go hungry" -John 6:35

This verse is what we are focusing on this week and were we get the letter H.

Of course God's timing is perfect and this is the same topic our pastor went over in church on Sunday.  It was a lesson for me as well as my for my children.

The story of Jesus feeding 5,000 was the story we learned together.

Little Dragon helped me make banana bread for our feeding the animals.  We made 5 loafs.

The next morning I set out a couple blankets and had Little Dragon collect as many of his animals as he wanted.  He set them out nicely on the blankets while I prepared the basket. I put in our 5 loafs of bread and 2 big felt fish.  As I read the story Little Dragon acted it out.  He prayed over the bread.  As he did this I dumped a bag of Swedish fish in the basket, increasing the amount of food.  You could also cut up the bread to make more but we were giving away our loafs so I didn't cut the…

Parking Cars Number Review

Little Dragon has had a difficult time with both number and letter recognition.  Some days it seems like he has it, other days it doesn't.  I think that he wants me to give him the answer or Doll Dragon.  He is younger and I think more used to others answering before him or for him.

I saw this awesome number review online and knew I had to make one.

Parking cars number review

I would like to give credit to who came up with this wonderful idea but we did it awhile ago so I no longer remember.  I also didn't save it.  I saw the idea and ran with it.

I liked this idea so much because Little Dragon loves cars!  I thought this would help him remember and hold his attention.

I was pleasantly surprised by Doll Dragons interest in this activity as well.

With Doll Dragon we practiced math using these parking mats.

Little Dragon practiced counting and number recognition.

This activity didn't hold their attention as long as I had hoped.  I think Little Dragon would stick with it longe…

Movement and Science

Here a couple activities we did during this week to get moving, some science, and a daddy folder.

Bubble Wrap Stomp A sensory experience for feet and fingers.  I was so excited for this activity! I spread out some bubble wrap and tapped it to the floor.  Then had the kids line up to run across it hearing the bubbles popping under their feet.   This didn't happen :(.  Perhaps it was because the bubble wrap was from the dollar store but there was no popping.   So I told the kids to jump on it, which they did without hesitation.  Still no popping....what? I split the bubble up and gave each child (and parent) a piece to pop with their fingers.  Still no popping!  We tried rolling it up and twisting it and we got a few pops but not much.  All in all the kids had a blast jumping and squeezing the bubble wrap.  And the few pops we did get were very exciting.  If I ever want to mail something fragile I know where to get indestructible bubble wrap. 

Daddy Folder
Monster truck graphing race

St. Patty's Party

Last year for St. Patrick's day we had a little party.  While going through my pictures awhile back the kids asked if we could have another St. Patty's day party.
I was unable to have a Valentines party and find St. Patrick's day the perfect excuse for a fun filled day!

I researched this holiday a little last year but really took the time to learn about St. Patrick this year.
Next year I want to look into where the idea of Leprechauns on St. Patrick's day comes from.

For a couple days before the holiday I took during our lessons to talk about the upcoming day.  I did not want the kids being confused about why we celebrate or to get lost in the excitement of Leprechauns to forget why we remember St. Patrick.

The story of St. Patrick is a great story!  I was so excited to learn that St. Patrick's day is a christian holiday.

St. Patrick's day is celebrated in remembrance of St. Patrick who died on March 17.  Traditionally people wear green, the color of Ireland, b…