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Letter P Pet

I had a hard time coming up with a pet that started with p that could still look like the letter p and still be recognizable as a pet. 

Instead of taking this logically I gave this to Little Dragon to figure out. 


paper with the letter P on itblack paperscissorsI gave Little Dragon the supplies and let him make a pet from them.

He drew eyes and used the paper for whiskers and a nose.

His letter P pet was all his own
Even if the letter P is on its side.

Burning Bush Bag

This activity went with the story of Moses.
Little Dragon has always enjoyed the story of Moses and is intrigues with God showing himself using the burning bush.  This activity helped bring the story to life for my Little Dragon. 
Brown paper bagBlack paperTea light ScissorsTape
The preschool dragons had pre cut bushes in their week folder, the older dragons had a snow day so they cut out their desired shapes out of black paper.  
Next I helped the dragons tape their shapes to the inside of their bags. 

Insert the tea light and turn out he lights
Watch the fire burn
There were many giggles and squeals of excitement at the glows. 
They did look wonderful :)