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Dinosaur Tag

Dinosaur Tag
This is a game we created for Little Dragons Dino Party.  We used this game as a kind of ice breaker/opener.

I bought these awesome masks at Wal-Mart for $.97.  There were two of each face, which was perfect for this game.

We had about 15 kids at the party which is a great amount for Dinosaur tag.

To start the game you have to round up the kids.
Next we picked 2 dinosaurs and they got to put on their cool dinosaur masks!

The Dinosaurs had to chase around the other kids and tag them.
When someone got tagged they had to stand in the cage (we used the climbing dome for our cage but you could use any area you designate as 'cage' or 'jail')

Now the tricky part is tagging all of the kids quickly because the kids that have not been tagged can free the other kids from the cage by tagging them.

This is a fast paced game and we played multiple rounds rotating who got to be a dinosaur.  I do have to say I had never played game of tag where so many people wanted to be a din…

Feed The Raptor

This was a game we found on pintrest that Little Dragon was intent on playing.
Although it is supposed to be feed the T-Rex but Little Dragons favorite dinosaur is a raptor so he requested we have a raptor instead.

This is a simple bean bag toss game.
To make this game you will need 

bean bagsfoam boardsharpieI didn't use a poster board because they are kinda flimsy and when you have kids throwing bean bags at something you need it to be sturdy. 
I made the bean bags myself using some extra fabric I had in the house and some rice I had used for a sensory bin previously.  They took a total of 20 minutes to put together. 
I found the foam board at Wal-mart for less then a $1.  My husband is the artist in the house so he drew the raptor face for Little Dragon.  As a mom this part was fun for me to watch.  Little Dragon watching with such anticipation for the finished project as daddy drew the dinosaur for him. 
To play  We balanced the foam board at an angle against a table so the the mouth…

Dino Party

Little Dragon recently turned six and requested a dinosaur themed party.

To get started we sat down together and looked up ideas on Pinterest. Many of the ideas were a bit young for six. But we were able to pull some inspiration.

Before getting to much in the planning stage we had to make a guest list.  Nowadays you cannot send invitations to school without inviting the whole class.  As a kindergartner Little Dragon doesn't have many close school friends yet anyway so we invited the whole class and a few other family friends.

Now that the guest list was taken care of we could move forward to the venue.

At this point we didn't have any rsvp's but I didn't want to pick a venue last minute.  I have thrown  many birthday parties at home but with more stuff because of Baby Dragon my house doesn't have as much space as it used to.  So we checked the weather and decided to have the dino party at the park.

Little Dragon loved this idea!

Day of the party we got there an hour earl…