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The Explorers Map

Jerry stayed home yesterday so some of our activities were put on hold for later days.
When he is home we try and soak up all the time we can.

I set up some stations the kids could visit through out the day if they were bored. 
 I set out magnets with some laminated papers they cold match the magnets and fill in the missing number or letter. 
Next to it I had a box full of big cardboard cut out shapes.  I supplied play dough and encouraged the kids to make the shape they pulled out with the play dough. 

 She picked out a square. Then she pressed the dough onto the square turned it around and peeled the excess off. 
TA DA a square!   To her right you can see the small circle she made for the circle she pulled out of the box. 

Earlier in the day while Jerry was still sleeping an idea hit me!  I had the two tp rolls left over from 'feeding the elephant' game and when I looked at them I saw binoculars.
Now was the perfect time to give them to the kids.

I don't have a picture but when they saw them they were very excited.
I dropped the word explorer to supplement the letter E when handing over the binoculars.
All they needed was a map! 
What better way to get a map then have them create one-together. :)

I let them do all the work.  They did the writing, decided where the path would go and what they would run into.  We used markers and stamps for the project. 

I taped a string on the inside so they could roll it up and tie it.
As they explored they found different areas of the house that would work as what they had on the map.  
It was adorable! 

Wednesday I had to take the car to the shop to get fixed.
No fun :(.
I thought the trip was going to be slightly stressful because I would have a two year old at a car shop for hours.
As it turns out, silly me for not thinking of it, I couldn't have taken Spencer somewhere he would have enjoyed more!

He loved it and I mean loved it!
He did not fuss, whine, or ask to go home 1 time in 3 hours!
We watched the mechanics work on the car and he was memorized.

And happy.

With the car all fixed we went and picked Jerry up from work then headed to get some food.  It is a rare occasion that we get to go out just the three of us.

It was a good two days :)  Everyone is feeling better now and tomorrow will be a day of lesson planning/preparations.  

I am hoping to sneak in a couple of activities. 


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