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Grey Spider, Fairy, and Elephants

Pretending to be elephants! 

I had a good day today and the kids had a mostly good day. 
I ran into a couple problems with listening and Spencer's attention span during reading time was low. 
But as I mentioned yesterday I want the kids to have the oppertunity to play and learn, him being younger and not quiet to the level of the older kids I wanted him to do what interested him. 

Reading station-Nothing new here
Sensory station-I left out Legos and playdough
Books alive-I created a new station after watching Spring into Reading.  It was spur of the moment, so pretty simple.  I cut circles out of yellow foam and put them in a mason jar to go along with Ten Flashing Fireflies book.  I put it out with the book, ten elephants, and two stick people to add to the possibilities of retelling the story. 
Note: The mason jar is glass and won't work for every child and may need supervised. 

We read Noahs Ark and briefly discussed rainbows.  We went over Noah's ark awhile ago and Athena remembered the lesson very well.  It was more of a review. 

We sang the '5 Finger Jive' for math today.  Very short math lesson, but catchy. 

The kids were hungry for their snack almost as soon as we started today so I incorporated their snack into the lesson to get both done at once.  

They placed their snack on top of the letter before tracing it.   

Then I asked the kids to mark their favorite 'E' thing listed on the bottom of the sheet.  They explained what they chose and why they liked it.  This allowed discussion between the kids and Spencer was able to participate too! 

The E book activity takes awhile to complete.  I always go by what how much the kids are interested in with this book.  Sometimes they get bored quickly and we split the activity into multiple days.  

Today I turned on some instrumental music (Guild Wars 2 soundtrack) while they colored and practiced writing the E words on the sheet.   

Spencer is not so great with handwriting, yet, so I brought out the workbook to work on his colors.  The older kids listened in and were excited to do the color grey activity. 

I gave Spencer a picture of an elephant and he picked out a grey colored pencil and colored it grey. 

Athena and Liam drew something grey.

Athena drew a grey fairy named EE 
Liam drew a spider named EE OO LL.

I loved the way they turned out!  I did not rattle off any ideas to them before letting them draw and love the creations! 

The letter E book and grey coloring/art activity took up most of our day.  
After lunch we went outside to play for about 20 mins because it was too cold to stay out longer. 
When we came back in we watched our series of E videos and pretended to be Elephants through all of them!  

I had my own trunk too! 

Circle time
Being worn out from all the running around the kids were ready to sit and listen to some stories. 

We read our books and sang our elephant songs.  I introduced new vocab then left them to play with the story board. 
I pulled out magnets and made some new foam shapes for the kids to manipulate.  There are elephants there as well.  
I did not introduce this until the end of the day because I wanted Athena and Spence to have the opportunity to play with it tomorrow. 

No problem with that because Athena built a town instead (no complaints about the board being put away.) 
When Spencer woke up they played with it together! 

You can't tell from the picture but there are layers and ally's between all those Legos that the kids moved their people through.  

When we finished dinner it was just Athena, Jerry, and I and we read the next chapter of our 'Enchanted Story' 
Our characters met the Fairy Godchicken and encountered the Big Scary Forest Monster! 


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