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E is for Elephant

Hello all!

I read a recent study I found while browsing blogs about kids learning through play.  I always knew it was important but did not know it was as important as it is.

After reading the blog/study I decided that I am going to allow more play activities.  The activities will still be themed with the letter we are studying but I am going to provide more options.

I noticed today that the kids like to mix and match the different things provided.
Instead of choosing just Legos or play dough they chose both.

Reading station-This station is still getting a ton of attention!  I think it is because I moved it into the corner behind the table so the kids feel very secure being back there.  They may also feel like they are hiding. 
Sensory/play station-As I was talking about above I wanted to give more options.  I set out Legos, the play dough we made Saturday, trucks, some animals, and the tops of the egg cartons we cut of for the Easter eggs. 

Trucks and play dough were the big hits for the boys.  

Numbers station-From the discovery pack I made my first tray.  I put all the counter fish, a cup, a dry erase marker, and the dry erase cards.  
This is what Athena enjoyed.  There was also no pressure to complete anything so she enjoyed taking her time and was very proud to show me here work :). 

We read Finding the Fruits of Peace Cain and Abel first thing then prayed.  All the kids participated in the prayer which warmed my heart!

I have been saving all of my egg cartons for a couple weeks knowing we would be working on the Letter E.  I also had nothing else to do with the tops of the egg cartons I cut off for coloring Easter eggs but saved them thinking I could come up with something.

We are focusing on the number 2 and surprisingly the tops of egg cartons are split into two sections. 

I added some foam elephant stickers and had the kids matching, counting, sorting, and grouping the elephants! 
They were so excited!  All three of the kids enjoyed playing with these. 

Once their attention was off of the counting trays I gave them a number two work sheet to practice their handwriting and color a picture.  We also talked about doubles and pairs. 
I felt really good about this activity xD. 

Art today we made elephant trunks out of old wrapping paper rolls.   

This was a spur of the moment art project that turned out okay.  I provided markers and was going to grab my glitter but the kids wanted to cover their 'trunks' in elephant stickers. 

They were so happy about it, plus it is art how could I say no? 

Circle time
Instead of pressuring the kids to sit and listen while I tried to teach them I waited until after naps and a good amount of free play and music before sitting them down.

This worked well :)

We read My 'e' Sound Box  first.
I am getting much better at being interactive during story time and we all enjoyed reading this.
Next we read Ten Flashing Fireflies .  This was a great counting book!
Last we read It's Spring! because we are welcoming the season.

In between reads we sang 2 different elephant songs 1 being the elephant spiderweb song. 

We discussed Elephants and a few fun facts about them.  We will be talking more about them as the week continues.  I reminded them that they had books in the reading station with great pictures of elephants for them to look at. 

Tomorrow should bring on new great things! 


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