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Feed the Elephant

The end of last week I did not find time to blog.  I was really exhausted from some extra stress and went to bed early most nights. 

So today is a recap blog.


I realized last week that Friday's needed to be more activity based.
So Thursday after the kids were in bed I set up an
Excellent Store
With items from our 'E' song bag

 Athena wanted to wait for Spencer to play store and busied herself with the story board first thing. 


Athena rang up (math practice), wrote receipts (great handwriting practice), and bagged groceries for the customers. 

Spencer took a turn cashing out too. 

Thursday's we don't have preschool but I did have the kids finish putting together their E books.  I stapled them and put them in the reading station on Friday.  

We sat for a little while and looked at pictures of Elephants while I read some cool facts about them from National Geographic Kids.  We looked up some other pictures of elephants and I zoomed them so they filled the whole screen and had the kids point to different things in the picture. 

Next we finished the elephant masks we didn't get finished on Wednesday. 
I did not bring out the paint, Athena finished hers with a marker. 

The kids decided they wanted them to masks instead of just play elephant heads so we cut out eye holes. 

My Elephants! 

We played elephants for awhile...again...hehe seems to be a favorite right now.  

Circle Time
I did my grocery shopping on Thursday and with Spring in the air I was able to get great deals on some produce.  
Every time I opened the fridge the kids wanted to look or eat the fruit. 
I jumped on their interest and used it for learning. 

I collected all the fruits and vegetables from the fridge and wrote out a paper that said 'fruit' and one that said 'Vegetables' 

One by one we examined the food by smelling, feeling, looking, and tasting.   Although there were a few they didn't want to taste ;). 

Banana tasting

When we were finished sorting and examining I allowed them to choose what they wanted to do with the food.  
They chose smashing the squishy one's,  strawberries and mushrooms. 

So much fun!  

We sang some songs and the kids continued to play with the store for the rest of the day.  
They had no interest in coloring or reading today I am glad I prepared hands on activities.  Success :D!


Saturday's are not a preschool day but I offered to watch Isaiah and babysitting is always easier when I have something planned.  I also had some activities planned that we didn't have time to do earlier in the week. 

Feed the elephant game
I made an elephant by cutting the bottom out of a milk carton, adding ears and toilet paper rolls for a trunk.  
I set the elephant up on the ottoman so they could throw the peanuts in Peanuts mouth while we listened to the song called "Peanut" on youtube. 

The kids enjoyed this game.  Peanut loved having a full belly.  The kids played pretend with Peanut for awhile too.  

Next the kids asked to paint.  
And we did, excavators and elephants. 
Isaiah's mom came shortly after and we spent a couple hours at the park! 

 We had such a great time!  

The weather was warm, the sun was shinning!

Could not have asked for a better Saturday :)

Athena has learned to swing herself by pumping her legs and Spencer enjoyed his first ride on a swing by himself! 


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