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End of Elephants

Finally finding time to sit down and blog.
I do have to say I am happy to be sitting down to write.

I got home from my short wedding vacation and over the stomach flu so today is the day!

Last week Monday:

Spring discovery station: We went for a walk on Sunday and the few things we collected along with the brochure I picked up were set out on a table with a magnifying glass to have a closer look. 

Storyboard: No real theme for this one.  I let the kids pick out what they wanted to play with and they enjoyed playing pretend with all sorts of different things. 

Once stations were set up I gave out stickers for good behavior the previous school day.  I tend to be too busy at the end of the day to remember or find time for rewards and have found that taking care of this in the morning works for me.

This particular morning the kids chose tattoos for their reward. 

 Iron Man and Pinky Pie

The first lesson was on the Tower of Babel.  We read the story and I gave them the coloring page for the tower. 
While they colored we broke down the passage from on the coloring page. 

There were some words we needed to define together but it was an overall good lesson. 

Circle Time
Athena and I made some shaker eggs while Spencer and Isaiah spent some time playing with cars. 
We used them during our music time.  The little dragons tried to keep the beat with their eggs. 
We sang our elephant songs and did some counting. 
There was also some reading, a lot of reading.  The kids kept asking for more books.  Because the books had to go back to the library I was up for reading them. 
The books listed here.
Then it was nap time for the boys.  
During their nap Athena played with the number tiles that correlated with a book we read Goodnight Moon

Athena really enjoyed doing this puzzle/game.  She repeated it multiple times while saying she was having so much fun! 

Today, Monday April 22 is the first day I have done preschool because I arrived home on Friday.  

Puzzles: The kids asked, so I provided. 
Tongs: I have seen many people using tongs to help preschoolers with their fine motor skills.  Today I set up a station to do just that.


During this activity Athena kept mentioning that it was hard and wanted to give up.  Although at the same time she was determined to finish the activity successfully.  

Both of my dragons finished with flying colors! 

While we did this activity we listened to elephant sounds and African music.  The kids responded to this well. :)

We started with some simple coloring and reading.  I found an elephant trunk book the kids could put together for an easy read.  We read the book together then the kids colored the pictures. 
I will post a picture of the finished project. 
Then we worked with the elephant stickers to make pairs. 
We discussed what a pair is and what other things we have that come in pairs.  
This was an amusing topic for the kids. 
After all of the elephants were in pairs I noticed I had a bunch of oval, grey stickers left. 
How perfect! 
The color we are focusing  on is Grey and the shape is an oval! 
I gave the kids the oval stickers and asked them to create a picture out of the stickers. 
This really opened the creative door. 

 Athena made a picture for her cousin. 
Spencer said his cluster of ovals was a dragon and the elephants were running from the dragon.  Then asked for me to help him draw a cat. 
I would say this is the first time I have seen my kids get this creative in art.  It was nice to hear their excitement and their ideas shouted out as they continued to create. :D 

After art we went outside and enjoyed the lovely Spring weather!  
Ahhh the wonderful sun. 
When we came inside and Spencer napped Athena and I started a 1000 piece puzzle together.  
Man was she excited!  It was a new experience for her but I really enjoyed the time we had to talk together. 


  1. Oh my Gosh! How fun!! Good for you, Mamma. My kids play with shaker eggs during story time at the local library and absolutely love it. I never thought to make our own set. Definitely going to have to make some!!

    1. I was introduced to shaker eggs during our local library time too! Even though its past Easter time they still work! With extra rice from past sensory bins and all those extra eggs from Easter I thought 'why not?'. Thanks for the comment :)


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