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Fuzzy Caterpillars

 Athena woke with a sore throat and a cough and Spencer arrived with a runny nose and low fever.
I took it easy and really judged the activities off of the kids feelings.

Books are alive: I set one of these up last week and it went well so I tried again this week. 
Reading station: Kids are still loving this.
ABC Game: This came in the discover pack and gave the kids physical letters to explore with. In the box there were 'boards' with pictures on them and abc tiles.  

Focusing on the number 2 I gave the kids each a worksheet with the number 2 handwriting practice and a jar on it.  Then I gave them goldfish.
They separated the goldfish into pairs.
We went through several pairing a coupling activities then I wrote a + in the middle of the jar and an = under the jar trying to give the kids a visual that addition is everything together in the jar is the solution.

Then they ate the goldfish :)

We moved on to shapes from there.  I found an awesome worksheet where you identify the shapes on the elephant, count and write the number! 

It did not take long for Spencer's and Isaiahs attention to be lost.

I took them over practice writing the letter E while Athena finished up her shape elephant. 
I had them hold their letter E and say the sound slowly moving it up above their heads then saying E at the top.  

While the boys napped Athena wrote her E.

With all the E's written we cut up egg cartons wrote some more E's  on them and glued the pieces on our paper. 

After a short circle time and more rest we continued on and made a Spring time craft. 
Fuzzy Caterpillars :0ooooo
I love the finished project!  I even made two for myself xD. 

 Little dragon Athena was the first to make a caterpillar.  She was so excited to make them and kept giggling as she glued it together.  
She made two :)
 Once Isaiah saw we were using pom poms he ran over to join in.  He picked his colors and stuck 'em on. 

  Spencer was the last to come over.  This worked well though because I was able to give my attention to one child at a time. 

He also made two. (Talked more about the number 2 during this project as well.)

Circle time: 
Weather and Calendar were finished and the kids were tired again.
So I lay them all down and read them some books.  Bernards Bath, My Elephant, The Elephant Book, and The Runaway Bunny.  We didn't finish the last book because I started to fall asleep reading.  

Mom needed a break!

It was 5pm now and the kids were still laying down not up for anything more.  I turned on a cartoon I found on YouTube about the Tower of Babel and let them rest. 

I ended up being more tired then I thought too. After making dinner, cleaning up, and getting Athena in bed I was out. At 10pm!  That is really early for me.  
Today I feel very rested though :). 

I needed to finish writing my blog because I fell asleep so early last night so we did some activities upstairs today.  

While waiting for breakfast to be ready I had the kids draw pictures of their families for their 'All about me books'.  When they finished that they still wanted to color so I gave them some E pictures to color. 

I took the kids outside after breakfast.  I wanted to get some outside play in while I watered my couple plants.  I had planned on doing some gardening but ended up playing in the dirt with the kids instead.  

Ahh being a mom. 
We found worms!  
There wasn't much discussion because the kids were so distracted by the worms.  It was as if it was the first time they had seen one.  Athena was to afraid to touch one.  Hehe. 

Inside we cleaned up and went upstairs so I could write my blog and play a game with the kids.

'my first alphabet game' from the discovery pack was perfect for bingo. 

I gave the kids 5 m&m's for markers. 

It was a good game.  

After the first round the kids wanted to play by themselves.  Match up all the boards with the tiles.  

After a little play while I wrote my blog I sent the kids to get their E books from the reading station.

With these we counted how many E's were in the book.
Then as we went page by page the kids told me 1 fact about the picture on that page.
To finish up we watched a short video on National Geographic Kids.

I was planning on doing more activities but when I went down to make lunch Athena's bio mom was at the door.
Talk about surprise!
I had no idea she was coming, neither did Athena.
With no notice Athena did not handle the transition well.  She grabbed my legs and started crying and shaking her head that she did not want to go.

When she finally let go and was standing with her bio mom she kept reaching for me.

I didn't know what to do! I kept reassuring Athena she would be home soon and I loved her.
All while her bio mom was standing there waiting for Athena.

I know the bio's feelings were hurt, mine would be if the situation were switched.
My feelings are hurt as the situation is.
My heart hurts for Athena.

I went upstairs and said a prayer.
He is the only person to watch over her now.


  1. Looks like some fun -- my kids love hunting for bugs!
    Sorry how the day ended...that can't be easy on anyone.

    1. The craft was so simple it ended up taking almost no time at all! There isn't much to it but glue.
      We haven't gotten to much into hunting for bugs yet with the cold weather but our first adventure into the insect world was enjoyable! :)
      Thank you for the comment.
      Athena was very happy to come home today!


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