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Egg Drop

Thursday's are our family time.  Jerry is off work and both kids are home.
I decided tonight would be the perfect night to construct an egg drop experiment.
I have been waiting to do this activity since I checked out egg drop from the library.

Egg Drop
First I had to introduce the idea of the egg drop to the kids, what better way to do that then a book? 
I found a great story for the egg drop experiment, egg drop. 

Jerry was home for the whole activity and read the book to the kids.  The kids were introduced to some new words like 'aerodynamics' and 'Bernoulli's principle'.

When the story was over we asked the kids what they thought would happen if we dropped an egg from a tower. 

Answer: it would crack. 

Question: What could we do so it wouldn't crack?

Answer: put something soft under it.

Great! They were getting the idea. 
The questions continued and we brainstormed letting the kids think of how/what we could do to help keep the egg safe. 

This was fun.

The two kids picked their containers and supplies and we got to work. 
Spencer picked a heavier peanut container and stuffed it with stuffing and packaging peanuts.

We drew faces on the eggs too :)  

Athena chose a lighter old fruit container.  She stuffed it with stuffing, cotton balls, and a few packaging peanuts

 Then we taped on some construction paper to make a parachute.  

Athena originally wanted to make wings but changed her mind after Spencer chose a parachute.  

The construction of the containers took longer then we thought.  Spencer was picked up and we were not able to conduct the experiment.  :(

Friday Spencer arrived complaining of a tummy ache.  He had been acting funny all week, not eating or drinking much, and wanting to lay down more then usual.

This morning he didn't want any of his favorite breakfast foods and wanted to just lay on the couch. Athena kept begging him to play with her, even offered to play cars but he didn't want to :(.

Even though it was Friday the kids asked to color.
I turned this into educational coloring time and gave them things they could color but doubled as a lesson.

Then Spencer starts crying and saying he needed to poop.  He usually doesn't cry.  I quickly helped him upstairs to go potty and my poor little dragon had diarrhea.  The alarming thing was that it was white.

I looked it up online and called a nurse and was directed to the ER.
I packed up the kids, coloring books, some pull ups (because diarrhea is no fun in underwear), snacks, and water bottles and walked to the ER.

Thank God (which I did) that I live 2 blocks from the ER.

Jerry made it from work before we were called back.  I am so grateful to have him!

Some tests were done and everything came back normal, just a virus, but if it continues he would need to be seen again.

He seemed to be feeling a bit better when we got home and we headed out to the park to finish our egg drop experiments.

 Egg drop experiment #1:
Medium height.

Athena was confident hers would not break and gently let go of the paper and let it fall. 

Jerry tried asking Spencer what he thought would happen but as soon as the container was in his hands he chucked it! 

No letting it fall, he threw it.  

All I have is a picture of it on the ground, it was down to quickly for a mid air capture. 

Spencer's egg cracked. 

Athena's egg had no blemish and was snug in it's comfy stuffing bed.

Experiment #2: 

After these results Athena wanted to see if her egg would break dropping it from a higher spot. 

Results: Athena's egg did not crack! 

Even though Spencers egg was cracked he wanted to drop/throw the egg container again.                            Results: The egg broke open! 
The kids were a little distracted being at the park so conversation about why had to wait until we got home. 

Why did Spencer's egg crack and Athena's did not? 

Spencer's container was heavier and was thrown with force to the ground.  
Athena also observed this and noted that her egg had a 'soft' bottom where Spencer's did not. 

I do wonder if Athena's egg would have broke if Spencer threw it down as he did his own. 

To end our weekend we went on a hike to observe the signs of Spring. I brought a bag with us for collecting items.  
We only saw a few "Springy" things and our collection of items to bring home was small but we enjoyed the wonderful Spring weather!


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