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The first day of preschool was a bit of a 'set up and review things we know' day.  I will introduce the letter of the week on day 1 continuing forward, but for the first day I wanted the boys to get familiar with our classroom.

Week 1 
Letter: C
Theme: Construction
Bible story: Creation part 1
Bible Verse: "Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me." 
                         -Pslam 51:10

Each day I hid a letter C magnet and a number 1 magnet to help with memorization.  This was one of Little Dragons favorite activities each day. After he found them he would then hide them for me to find.  I have realized during this exercise that there are not many places in our home to hide a magnet.

A great start to most days is with a gross motor skills activity to get the kids moving.  On day 3 this week one of the other moms brought an awesome version of Twister for our morning activity. 

This game involved running and having the boys run holding the rings in new ways.  

Like between their elbows or holding it between their neck and shoulders.  

Day 2 we read the first day of creation.  This is like 1 page in the children's bible, 2 sentences. So we read it from two different children's bibles and then added our dark and light to the white board. 

Activity: Dark box 

Day 3 we read of God separating the water to the seas and the sky's.  We discussed clouds that God created in the sky.  (Pointing out that the letter C for cloud as well! )

While we talked about clouds holding rain we played with cotton balls.  We would like to imagine clouds feel soft and fluffy like cotton balls. :)

Activity: Watching rain 

Day 4 was our bible reading of creation day 3.  God created dry land and then put plants and trees on the dry land. He then had each plant produce seeds so the plants can make more plants.

We had to read this day 3x's before the boys absorbed what I was reading.  This idea is more complex then light and water.

Activity: Planting Seeds

Day 5 we reviewed days 1-3 by reading from the bible and using the felt board.

Bible Verse Activity 

Moving your arm like a back hoe saying 'c-c-construction'

Circle Time
Circle time is usually a mix of sitting and movement and it can go in any order that works for the kids.  I have a list of what to do but not in any order.  We use this time for weather, calendar, and themed activities.

To introduce the letter C Little Dragon had to find it on the alphabet wall.  He then took it from the alphabet wall and hung it up anywhere in the classroom he could see to remember the letter C.  He did end up moving it multiple times.  Every time he had to tell me the letter and a word that started with that letter. 

We have a 'Days in School' sheet up below our calendar to make a mark for every day we do Preschool

 I found dry erase circles on clearance at Wal-Mart and thought they would be fun supplement to circle time. 
They don't erase very well but Little Dragon is really enjoying them so they will stay

Each day one of The Dragons re-writes our letter, number, and sight words of the week on the circles. 

 Other activities we did this week in circle time

Work Zone
 This is the area we use for handwriting practice, crafts, and weekly folder work. The Dragons finished their folder work which you can view here.
They worked in their activity books

Little Dragon  made a letter C collage
We also: 

Items, bins, & things we look at, explore, & discover.
The favorite discovery item this week was the toothpicks and marshmallows.  Adults and kids alike played with them.  The older kids enjoyed them when they came home from school too! 

Little Dragons favorite was blocks.  Every chance he had he wanted to play with them. 

The number 1 bag was full of things that had to do with the number 1  
We didn't spend as much time with this as I had hoped.
Little Dragon played with every 1 item in the bag
We added a 1 construction hat and 1 construction sign to the number 1 bag at the end of the week.

We used construction trucks, hats, and signs for pattern practice

 Little Dragon used the pieces to make a letter C 

 At the end of the week Little Dragon colored on our number wall

In the Kitchen
This activity was not in my lesson plan but it fit nicely.  During the week we talked about being orderly as a character quality.  Being orderly is remembering there is a time and place for everything.  We discussed what this meant for creation and but to show another example we made cookies!  When baking it is important to bake things in order or the recipe doesn't turn out right.  

 To close the week added an entry to our art journal. 

For more on Construction

 You can download my free lesson plan for the week and get more info here

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