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Week 2
Letter: A
Theme: Alligator
Number: 2
Bible story: Creation pt 2
Bible verse: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." -Joshua 24:15

I hid the letter A and number 2 magnets around the house again.  It took Little Dragon longer to find the magnets this time. 

When boys get together they like to fight and wrestle, probably because they aren't allowed to do this with their sisters.  So for about an hour before we started preschool at 9 am Little Dragon and Thunder Dragon fought bad guys in the living room because they were the 'good spider man who saves the boys and the girls' 

I count this as our gross motor skills, they are pretty active and keeping good form. *shrugs shoulders*

We also played Alligator Tag and Swinging Monkeys.

Day 1 we read creation day 4-God created the sun, moon, and stars. 

Activity: Mobile

Day 2 was our reading of creation day 5-God created the fish in the seas and birds in the sky. 

Activity: Bird Feeder

Day 3 was day 6 of creation-God created animals and man to rule over the animals

Activity: Animal Sorting

Day 4 review all 7 days of creation

Day 5 read creation story

Bible verse activity 

Chomp your big alligator jaws (arms) and say 'a-a-alligator'

Circle Time
Circle time is usually a mix of sitting and movement and it can go in any order that works for the kids.  I have a list of what to do but not in any order.  We use this time for weather, calendar, and themed activities.

I found some small alligator toys for this week at the dollar store and we discovered the alligators while discussing alligator facts. 

We sang The Lady With the Alligator Purse.  The boys loved this song so we sang it many times this week. 

We also sang 5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree with the felt board

I put on some Jaws theme music for the boys to swim around like an alligator. We did this a couple this week.  Crawling on bellies and elbows was a bit of challenge for the dragons. Great for gross motor skills.

During our activities we discussed God's part in alligators. It is important to tie in our bible readings to our lessons.  

Work Zone
 This is the area we use for handwriting practice, crafts, and weekly folder work. The Dragons finished their folder work which you can view here.

Both Dragons practiced handwriting and colored alligator pictures

There was also sight word practice

Items, bins, & things we look at, explore, & discover.These are the items available for discovering and learning on the Help Yourself Shelf.  I rotate them each week. 

Inside the prop box: 

  • Alligator hat
  • 2 plastic alligators
  • trees
  • plastic rocks
  • large stuffed alligator puppet

Alphabet rocks and yarn (link)

The Prop Box was the favorite for everyone this week.   
Again they added items from the tray's that made the prop box more intriguing.  I would have never thought to put some of the things together myself.

 Number 2 bad had things that had to do with the number 2 inside.  These bags are fairly new and I haven't spent much time on them so you will notice they may be a bit scarce. 

Our monkey eating alligator friend was great help this week for math practice.

We worked on greater then and less then
The alligator was very hungry so he wanted to eat the pile that had more in it.

The Dragons did a couple pages in their activity books as well for more math practice. 

In The Kitchen

To end our Creation unit we made Play Dough (recipe here).  Play Dough is great for many skills and future activities but it's main purpose is to Create!  

The Dragons spent time creating the play dough and creating different things with it.  Playing can spring many different conversations about God and creation. 

Of course we can't leave out a Sensory Bin! 

We ended our week with another entry in our art journal.

 You can download my free lesson plan for the week and get more info here

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