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Week 3
Letter: S
Theme: snakes
Number: 3
Bible story: Adam and Eve
Bible verse: "Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness" -Matthew 6:33

I forgot to hide the letter and number magnet at the beginning of the week but remembered on Wednesday and was still able to hide it in a couple different places.  

There was a big letter S out of masking tape on the preschool floor this week.  We used this for gross motor skills at the beginning of our days. 

The boys stomped, slithered, slid, skipped, slapped, shook, slammed, and slowly made their way along the tape. 

Day 1: Moving on from creation is the story of the Garden of Eden.  We didn't take a ton of time for this story, just 1 day.   

Activity: Make your own garden

Day 2: We moved onto our main focus story, Snake in the Garden.  

Activity: Sin Apple Science 

Day 3: Read Snake in the Garden again this time talking more about the shame Adam and Eve felt for disobeying God. 

Activity: Play hide and go seek

Day 4: I asked the boys to finish bits of the story.  I would start the sentence, they finished it. 

Activity: Sock Snakes (link)

Day 5: The boys retell the story using the Prop Box or the snake puppet from day 4. 

Slither arm like a snake in front of your body and say "s-s-snake"

Circle Time
Circle time is usually a mix of sitting and movement and it can go in any order that works for the kids.  I have a list of what to do but not in any order.  We use this time for weather, calendar, and themed activities.

Together The Dragons brainstormed and acted out different 's' animals.

The Dragons used story cards to tell a story. 

We read some snake facts and observed their scales. We looked at many pictures of snakes too. 

We had snakes on the felt board for play

Work Zone
 This is the area we use for handwriting practice, crafts, and weekly folder work. The Dragons finished their folder work which you can see below and here and worked in their activity books.

Sight Word Practice

Stamped Letter S collage

Letter S snake for the alphabet wall 

Shape Tracing Practice

Items, bins, & things we look at, explore, & discover.These are the items available for discovering and learning on the Help Yourself Shelf.  I rotate them each week. 

Inside the Prop Box

  • big snakes
  • mini snakes
  • glow in the dark snakes
  • 2 foam blocks
  • many different flowers and greenery

We didn't have much time to get into the trays this week, I took 2 days off to work on wedding invitation.  

Discovering the number 3 bag was similar to the other bags.  The boys did spell out the word on their own this time and found more groups of three around the house after this discovery

Play Dough is a great tool to use when learning about snakes.  Snakes are one of the easiest things to make with playdough. Thus a wonderful math tool this week. 

We sorted by length

Used gems for patterns

Added 3 Lego's to the number 3 bag

In the Kitchen
Mid week we made snake bread sticks to go with our pizza for lunch.  I used Pillsbury twisted bread stick dough and asked the boys to make snakes with them.  This was a very easy task for them and didn't take very long.

First the sticks were separated
Then twisted

Then set on the tray

End of the week we had a snake sensory bin

and art journal entry #3

Additional activities

Snakes and Ladders
Bubble Snakes

                 You can download my free lesson plan for the week and get more info here

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