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Victory Over V (wrap up week 18)

The second half of the week we read of Jesus healing a blind man with mud and then the blind man washes his face in the pond.

Bible Verse:  "I was blind and now I can see" -John 9:25

We did a craft that correlates to this story (below).

5 Senses
We continued to work on 1 sense at a time.  Even though our focus was one 1 specific sense we would talk about the other senses used at the end of the activity.
We had some Visitor Dragons this week so we sat around the table and drew each others senses.  I liked how these turned out so differently.  I thought they would all be portraits but some of the kids separated the senses, not making a face at all.

Wednesday we focused on taste
The best activity for taste is a buffet!  So many different tastes and textures.  We went to one of our favorite Chinese buffets to work on our sense of taste.

Thursday we focused on touch
I put together a touch sensory bin.  I put items inside that would incise the sense of touch.
The Dragons spent some time discovering then they made a touch collage (below).

Friday we focused on sound
For the first activity we played Guess the Sound.  I  had The Dragons sat with their backs to the TV facing me.  Using YouTube I would look up common and uncommon sounds for The Dragons to listen too.  Some sounds they had to listen to for 10 or so seconds and other sounds they knew right off the bat.  The Dragons really enjoyed this activity and we continued the activity for about an hour.
Some sounds we listened to were: 
  • rain
  • thunder
  • dog
  • cat
  • lion
  • birds
  • frogs
  • airplane
  • wind
  • baby crying/laughing
and many more! 

The other activity we did for sound was changing the sound of our voices.  I set up a puppet theater and instructed each Dragon to take a turn putting on a show and watching.  Those putting on the show had to give their puppets different voices.  This turned out to be a fun sound/listening activity. 

The Dragons used a green window marker to make the letter V in their alphabet notebooks.  Little Dragon made some upside down v's too. 

To continue with our theme of vision The Dragons glued googly eyes and green pom poms on their letter v print out.

Doll Dragon added a letter v with eyes to the treasure map.

As we drove around this week we kept our eyes peeled for green also making sure to use Spanish while calling out the color.
We used green in all our activities throughout the week, in our crafts and alphabet work.

Touch Collage

  • green construction paper
  • items from our touch sensory bin
  • green stickers (that have touch qualities)
  • glue stick
This was an open craft with little to no instruction. 

Little Dragons creativity led him to hungry sharks swimming towards food. 

Doll Dragons creativity led her to making a houses for her fish.

Painting with Mud

  • chocolate syrup
  • a tad of vanilla frosting
  • water
  • paint brush
  • construction paper

There was still snow on the ground during this activity so I did not have access to dirt so I needed to make my own.  
I used some chocolate syrup mixed with vanilla frosting and water to make mud.  I used the frosting to thicken and make the syrup go a bit further.  After the initial painting I added water so The Dragons were able to make a drizzle effect on their papers. 


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