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Dancing Raisins and Racing Jelly Fish

We just finished up a week of opposites and this science experiment, dancing raisins, was suggested to go along with the theme.  It is suggested because the raisins go up and down (which are opposites) during the experiment.

  • 1/4 glass of water
  • 4 T vinegar
  • 3 t baking soda
  • some raisins
We do not have clear glasses but I had a mason jar so we used that.   
Fill the glass 1/4 of the way with water then add the vinegar. 
Next add the baking soda slowly. 
Drop in the raisins. 
Then it is a waiting game. 

The instructions did say you would be waiting for awhile but after 20 minutes with no movement from the raisins we were doubting the experiment would work. 

We added more vinegar and baking soda thinking that the mason jar is bigger then most glasses so the solution may be deluded.  We tried small amounts at first then added larger amounts until we had the effect of overflowing. 

We waited some more. 

No dancing raisins. 

We took a minute to explain to The Dragons what was supposed to happen then left the jar to sit. 
Ideally the carbon dioxide or bubbles would settle on top/side of the raisins.  Once there were enough bubbles to cover the raisin it would float to the top of the liquid, the bubbles would pop and the raisin would sink back down to the bottom.  Then the process would start over again.  All the raisins would be doing this at different times making it look like the raisins were 'dancing'. 

After a couple hours of periodically checking The Dragons excitedly told us that one of the raisins made it to the top. 

We also did a Kiwi Crate this week. 

These jellyfish were fun to make and there was an abundance of supplies so the kids could make them however they wanted. 

I love Kiwi Crates because everything you need and then some is already packed up in a box and ready to go.  All the crafts are easy to make and the directions are simple enough my 3 year old has no problem following. 

First things first The Dragons had to create their racing jellyfish.  They took time placing each sticker and eye.  Doll Dragon even measured hers to make sure it was just right. 

There was some help from the parents securing the jellyfish to the string. 

Then it was time to start the race! 

We counted down and The Dragons pulled their strings apart propelling their jellyfish as fast as they could! 

They competed again and again until I wanted a chance to race.  I raced the winner then Jerry raced me.  
Then we all took turns racing each other.  We were quiet entertained :)

We still have the racing jellyfish out for spur of the moment races.  


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