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Outside of our Curriculum

Even though our days are pretty full and busy of fun hands on activities my children never stop moving!  I am not exaggerating either.  When I say Big Energy I am not joking.  After all the preschool we do The Dragons are still ready to run around and have a good time.

Here are a couple activities we have done outside of our curriculum.

 Played Lego's. 
 We play Lego's often.  When Barbies are out so are the Lego's.  When cars are out so are the Lego's. The Dragons play Lego's in the tub a lot too.

Go on a quest. 
This is an often occurrence.  We give The Dragons a quest like finding a special flower at a far away lake to heal their precious stuffed animals.  

They ride their pet dragon to far away lands to complete their tasks. 

Play with Play Dough
Play dough comes out a lot.  It is easy to get to and easy to play with.  The most common thing played with play dough here is restaurant.  The Dragons like to make food with play dough. 

They have also discovered stamping or printing in play dough and like doing this as well. 

Making foot prints or bug stamps. 

Making tents. 
There is something about tents that gets kids excited.   Kids love to hide perhaps that is it but My Dragons love playing tents.  They each have their own and then visit each others tents.  Sometimes they will watch TV inside their tents. 
No parents allowed though.  It is their hideaway.  We help them build but it is not made for adults. 
Of course then we make our own tent and that is the one we all end up in :) 

Color, color, color. 
Our house is so full of crayons, markers, and paper it looks like I have 15 kids coming to preschool.  
My Dragons love their coloring.  Neither of them stick much to coloring books or pages they would rather have blank paper.  

The thing that gets me is that EVERY thing they draw, scribble, or accidentally mark on a paper is special.  They have such a hard time throwing away mistakes or accidents.  *sigh*

Ticket Store

I have mentioned the ticket store in other posts before.  Another month another ticket store.  Although I am trying to move it to every two weeks.  Whew, like I need more on my plate.

 Little Dragon loves to cook.  He is always willing or asking to  help.  Hopefully he will learn young and grow to be a great chef or at least appreciate to cook.

Those are all of the extra activities I have pictures of that don't count our outdoor adventures.

The trick is redirecting the energy into positive activities.  That's how I stay mildly sane. :)


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