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Over O (wrap up week 19)

The second half of the week we took our understanding of Mary and Martha a bit further by acting it out.  Putting on their shoes per say.
The Dragons used the felt board for a retelling.

They also used puppets to act out the story. 

We continued to focus on our bible verse as well.  We played a matching game and did a simple craft. 
I printed out 2 sets of the bible verse and cut each word out.  We used the pieces for a matching game.  
After all the matches were found all the pieces were put back in the middle face up.  
The Dragons then put the verse together in the right order from start to finish and glued it onto a blue piece of paper.

Little Dragon colored his blue dinosaurs for his color book.
Many of our activities incorporated blue without the sole focus being on blue.

To decorate the letter o printout the dragons used bottle caps.  This was a really fun activity, a new way to paint.  I have a collection of bottle caps from another activity earlier in the year and this was the perfect time to bring them out and put them to good use.
Bottle caps make perfect o's! You can see the craft below.

The Dragons used highlighter to write the letter O in their alphabet journals.  They also glued some O pictures to the page.

Doll Dragon had her finger puppet panda help her with the o's. The panda was left handed.

Bottle Cap Painting

  • bottle caps (including: water bottles, milk jugs, orange juice gallons, peanut butter lids, etc.)
  • paint
  • paper
First we painted our letter O for the week but that wasn't enough bottle cap painting for The Dragons.  
They each asked for more paper and continued stamping. 
Doll Dragon experimented dragging the caps across the paper.
Little Dragon overlapped the cap stamps to look like links. 

Fruit Loop O's
  • Fruit loops 
  • Construction paper
I had these empty O pages from last years preschool so I used them to supplement this weeks sensory bin. 
The o's were already printed on these pages but you could also have the kids make an O' with the cheerios. 
I had My Dragons fill in the block letter. 

There were two sensory activities this week.  The O cereal bin and an Octopus bath.   The Dragons have been asking me to put together another sensory bath for a couple weeks so I added it in this week.

Cereal 'O' Sensory

This is one of the easiest bins I have ever set up or cleaned.  It was also very colorful.  I used Cheerios, Fruit Loops, and Apple Jacks for the bin.  The bin started with the cereals separated but of course it didn't take long for it to be a soup of O cereal.

I like this bin because it incorporates a few senses: touch, smell, and taste.  My kids don't get the chance to touch their food during meal time so they were very excited to experiment with this bin.

They also ate the bin :) 

Next was the...

How to: 
This took me awhile to set up but The Dragons were amazed when they came into the bathroom.
I bought some green window markers for St. Patrick's day that I used to paint the octopus on the wall.  The eye's are foam.  I taped a table cloth over the top of the shower curtain and to the wall.  Then I taped ribbons and streamers hanging down from the table cloth to make it look like seaweed hanging from the cave ceiling.  I was a bit dry on some materials due to a tight budget but The Dragons are none the wiser.

In the bath I put little rubber spike balls and called them baby octopus.  (I didn't have any manipulatives).

I also set up some buckets of sea shells for playing pretend.

You could also have an opposite bath.  There are many opposites you can explore in the tub.  I just didn't have the time or the supplies to make it happen.


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