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V is for Vision

This week we read a couple stories about Jesus healing the blind.  This brought some new words to our preschool classroom and a new concept.
What is blind? I asked The Dragons this question.  Doll Dragon answered it means you can't see. Little Dragon did not understand what this meant.  What do you mean can't see?  Don't they have eyes?
I explained it was like they were in the dark all the time.  They can't see light.  This helped him understand a little.
What is vision? Neither Dragon knew what vision was.  It is not a word we use regularly but is simple to define.

We read the story of Jesus healing the blind man in the streets.  Then talked about the above terms.
The next day while reading the story I gave the kids each a pair of googly eyes and some play dough.  They used the play dough to cover the eyes.  When Jesus told the blind man that he could now see the kids removed the play dough from the eyes.

After The Dragons finished acting out the story with their googly eyes and play dough they made full faces with the play dough. They molded mouths, noses, and ears for their googly eyes.

5 Senses
While on the subject of being blind we also talked about our other senses.  We spent one day on each sense this week. 

Before we started our on our daily sense we reviewed what 5 senses we have.  We did this each day.  This was a bit of a new concept for Little Dragon.  Doll Dragon went over this with me last yer.  
I grabbed a couple items that would really grasp each sense...a pipe cleaner and a sour patch kid. 
These were great items with many qualities. 
We were able to see, touch, taste, smell, and feel the sour patch kid.  The Dragons also noticed a change in the taste, look, and feel after having it their mouth for a bit. 
We tried to listen to the sour patch kid but there wasn't much going on there. 

We went through all the senses with the pipe cleaner too.
Monday we focused on vision (letter v) or the sense of sight. 

The Dragons made pipe cleaner glasses.
I love how my Dragons look like nerds in their pipe cleaner glasses.

Little Dragon wanted Spiderman glasses (of course) and Doll Dragon chose 4 different colors so she could have rainbow

Tuesday we focused on sense of smell.

We did a science experiment with our noses you can find here.

And an art project you can see here.

We looked at family pictures and differences/similarities in noses.
The Dragons played a follow your nose game.  I blind folded them and had them smell a grapefruit.  Then I hid the grapefruit and they had to follow their nose to find it.

They tasted it too :)

Pipe Cleaner Glasses (photo above)

  • 4 pipe cleaners
I had no instructions making these I kind of just bent and twisted them until they looked like glasses. 

Motion this week is using your hands to make glasses and say 'v-v-vision'.

The Dragons made pencil toppers. 

Weekly folders had many different activities in them.
  • find all the v's in a poem
  • coloring page
  • pictures that start with v
  • shapes
  • tracing

Number Review
We had some Visitor Dragons this week and brought out the number parking lots.  I used it for number review for the younger kids and addition review for the older kids.  Then they had some free play. 

Monday The Dragons brought out their explorer binoculars for a green scavenger hunt. 

They also reviewed the colors using some dinosaurs on the felt board. 

Here at BigEnergyLittleLearners we are geeks and nerds.  It makes me smile to see the kids making their nerdy faces in their glasses. :D 

Of course it is not limited to just them.


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