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O Is For Opposite

Focusing on opposites was a ton of fun!  I wish we had more time to go over this.  Not because it was the kids weren't catching on but because there are endless opposite activities.   The one thing we did not get to do due to scheduling is have an opposite day.  That would have been awesome.

Story is Mary and Martha.  Mary and Martha are different and they react differently when Jesus enters their home.  Even in the pictures you can see they Mary sitting and Martha standing.  They are opposite, which is our main theme this week.

Bible Verse: "Be still and know that I am God." -Psalm 46:10

After our first reading of Mary and Martha we took  the morning to be still like Mary before being busy like Martha.

We discussed:
What the differences or opposites are between Mary and Martha.
Why Mary made the right choice.  Why Martha was mad.
I wanted to make sure The Dragons understood that it is okay and good to serve others, but we must serve the Lord first.  That was the message, not that the action Martha was taking was wrong.  Her attitude and the timing of her actions is what was incorrect.

We took a trip to the playground and played "Mary and Martha" (red light green light).  Mary was green and Martha was red.

The Dragons went on a blue scavenger hunt with their explorers binoculars for things that are blue.

The Dragons took time to play with their blue items too. 

You will notice in the pictures that we used blue in our other activities to incorporate the color all week.


The Dragons brainstormed some 'O' words on the whiteboard and practiced writing the letter 'o' as well.

They also drew pictures of things that start with o inside their o's.

The Dragons were feeling very artistic so I set them up on each side of the easel.  I told them a story involving octopus and other O words and they drew a picture of the story.

More about it under crafts below.

I took out our busy bag octopus for some number review.  Match the number on the top part of the tentacle to the number of suction dots on the end of the tentacles. 

Octopus story drawing

  • Large piece of paper
  • pencil
  • imagination
  • story teller

This was one of my favorite art projects.  I call it a project because it took more time then I thought it would but it was time well spent!

This was not in our lesson plan but we had some extra time and it fit with our letter of the week.

My Dragons love, love, love when we tell them stories. We try to tell stories all cuddled up but sometimes some of us have a hard time sitting still ;).  So for this story telling I had The Dragons draw what they saw.

Little Dragon is at the stage where he likes to copy.  Having The Dragons on different sides of the easel was great to allow both Dragons full creativity.

After the outline we filled in the details together.  Jerry and I took turns helping The Dragons color in what they had drawn (as per request). 

Disocvery bottle

  • empty water bottles
  • clothes pins
  • cotton balls
  • beads
  • pipe cleaners
  • marbles

This activity was intended as a math/science activity but The Dragons were so proud of what they put together they kept them for a few days.  So I deem it a craft.

This was a no rules no expectations craft.  I gave The Dragons the materials and they put them together however they liked.

They enjoyed dumping them out and refiling them and searching for specific items they put in the bottle.

More info on how we used this craft for math and science click here.

Intro to opposites-opposite matching

After The Dragons found a set of opposites they told me what they were and then I wrote them down on a card. 
I added a couple things to the touch bin we had out last week and used it for this opposite activity.
I asked The Dragons to find opposites in the bin.  I did not give examples at first.  After they discovered what was in the bin for a bit Doll Dragon started pulling out opposite things.  Little Dragon soon followed.
This was Little Dragons first time going over opposites so I did give him a couple pointers when I noticed he was stuck.

 The opposites were out all week for observation.

The Dragons played a game of opposite actions with Jerry. 

They made opposite faces such as happy and sad, angry and excited, scared and brave.

He also had them sit and stand, sleep and awake, run and walk, left and right, and more.

 The Dragons also discovered opposites in tastes and textures of food. 

 Such as: 

  • hot and cold
  • dry and moist
  • sweet and sour
  • hard and soft
  • crunchy and mushy

After each set of opposites we talked about how they were opposite and of course what The Dragons preferred. 

Doll Dragon liked the sweet stuff, Little Dragon liked the sour stuff. 

Experimenting with different tastes and textures is fun!  This was a great preschool activity. 


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