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Taking Notes

Sorting Stickers

As I mentioned before I went to the dollar store to buy some things in preparation for the upcoming week of preschool with our focus being on Easter and Eggs.

I found a package of Easter mini boxes and the foam stickers.  I placed 1 of each style of sticker on a box in different colors.  This way the kids could sort by design and color.

Instead of putting them in the designated boxes Spencer wanted to line them up. 

He has a thing with lining things up.

This activity kept them occupied for quite some time. 

I did not end up doing 'preschool' on Friday because my little dragons were restless.  I could not get them to pay attention or sit still.  Instead of butting heads with them and having them breathing fire I decided to take note of the behavior in accordance to their activities the rest of the week and their responses.

Monday and Tuesday we had very busy, full, productive days.  Both kids were excited about preschool and the days went smoothly.
Wednesday it was just Spencer and Isaiah.  I gave them some cars and trucks and we raced them.  We talked about colors and counted the cars but we did not have a 'preschool' day.

I also had some lesson planning I needed to do and took the time Wednesday to put some things together.

Thursday is Jerry's day off.  We usually go to the library, a morning class for Spencer and an afternoon class for Athena and Liam.  This Thursday Jerry woke feeling sick and Athena ended up having the stomach flu.

No fun :(

Liam and Spencer hung out in the playroom most of the day.

So Friday comes around and I attempt preschool and as I said above, it was not working.
I assume that this is because Thursday we did practically nothing.  No energy releasing or fun activities.
Therefore the little dragons did not want to sit.

I now plan to have more hands on activities to do on both Thursday and Friday to keep the kids' attention.

We took the day off Friday but did preschool on Saturday.

We read the last of the library books one of which was Puff the Magic Dragon.  I played the song and short video for the kids after we read the book. 

We had a good lesson about Cain and Abel.  
More info on the lesson plan here.

There was a lot of coloring.
This is what interested them so we focused on that.

Lastly I gave them a dinosaur with lowercase letters printed on it and wrote the uppercase letters on circle stickers I found for $1.

Spencer finished quickly because he was not matching the letters. I did write his letters lowercase so we could focus on matching.  
This is something I need to work on with him. 
He asked for another one when he finished.  Lucky I had another copy of the dinosaur with uppercase letters and gave him more stickers too.  
This is a good activity for fine motor skills, trying to place the sticker perfectly in the circle.  

I set up an enchanted forest to read a more 'alive' story with Athena I found on ChickDuckGoose.  
I have had it set up and ready to go for almost 3 weeks!  
This morning we were finally able to read it with her.  

A Winters Fairy Tale
or as Athena titled it- Enchanted

Jerry, unfortunately, does not get to be involved in much of the activities we do because he works.  I set this up as something we could do when he is home. 

So he was the narrator :) 

Athena added the cotton balls for an extra snow effect. 

The end of Chapter 1 the characters are in front of the wishing tree. 
Again our love for DnD comes in handy for preschool.  The mini's are the DnD mini's we use for our game.  Athena chose who she wanted to be and what the other character would look like.  She was very excited to play with these.  

It also brought on some extended role playing :D! 

At the end of our night, after Athena was in bed, Jerry and I set streamers up all around the play room. 

I will have 5 kids here tomorrow and saw this idea on teachpreschool and fell in love with it. 
I knew I wanted to do it as soon as I read about it and thought with a group of kids it would be the perfect time to set it up! 

 Mine is not as colorful but I think it will do. :). 

I will have a bunch of fun stuff planned for tomorrow with all the kids and am excited to post about it! 


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