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Dinosaur Dig

Life settled into normal routine today. *sigh*

After a long weekend with Jerry home and the kids with their other parents I started my day off feeling relaxed and prepared. 

I woke up early (yay!) to get some bible reading in and had the house cleaned up before the kids were finished with breakfast!  

The kids watched The Land Before Time and then it was time for school. 

The reading station: nothing new there but the kids visited it a lot today...?

Dinosaur Dig: The Discovery pack from the library provided skeleton dinosaurs which I buried in rice and gave the kids shovels to dig with.  

Dinosaurs with blocks:
the goal was to make homes for the dinosaurs.  This turned into one person building... 

the other tearing down the city with the T-Rex. 

All About Me: Athena completed the next page in her book, what is your favorite toy? 

We read two books,Time and The Dinosaur Who Lived In My Backyard.  The discovery pack came with a triceratops puppet as well which helped read the story.

Math was a St. Patrick's Day packet that I found online.

Counting coins mostly. 

Handwriting practice was a dinosaur worksheet from first-school (link on the left.)  

I waited until after naps for circle time today and it was difficult.  The attention spans were low and  my little dragons had a hard time sitting. 

Circle Time
I feel like circle time was busy today.  I read Nine Duck Nine and then had the kids get up and move around a bit then continued onto Ducky. 

I had a duck puppet join for the reading of Ducky which the kids really enjoyed.  

After the second book I tried to get the kids up and active again but was hitting a wall.  They wanted to sit when I wanted them to stand and to stand when I asked them to sit.  

Tad bit annoying. 

We sang some songs and this caught their attention for a minute but once I started talking to explain St. Patrick all interest was lost.  I even gave them their own clover to hold during the conversation. 

We reviewed the lessons on Adam and Eve and introduced some of the lesson to Isaac.  I kept it simple but had all of the kids mention something they liked about the others.  

This was good :).  It was a confidence boost for all of them. 

I dismissed my squirmy kids from circle time (I asked but they did not want to play a game) and played a game on the white board with Isaac. 

The classic 'Big D little d what begins with D?'.  
To play this I put up 2-4 magnets on the board and at least one starts with the letter D.  
We have played it many times and it is still a good one. 

At the end of circle time it was almost 430pm.  
The day went by so quickly.  
Typing it up now it doesn't seem like a lot but I gave the kids plenty of time to enjoy the sensory and dramatic areas. 

Isaiah's mom called me soon after I cleaned up and asked me if the kids had kept me busy today. My reply "I planned plenty of activities to keep the kids busy, which kept me busy, so I kept myself busy." 

I had never thought about it like this before.  

I am keeping me busy not my kids. 
 If I wanted to I could just sit on the computer all day and the kids would play, play, play. 

I got a call from Spencer's dad saying he would not make it tonight so I pulled out some extra activities I have not had time to do.  
When I say 'not had time' I mean both kids were not home at night and I did 'not have time' during our preschool hours. 

Spence graphed Fruit Loops

Athena played super girl

Now all my materials were collected and I was ready to move on to the big activity. 

Giant People
The dragons lay down on poster board and I traced them

 I cut out tissue paper for shirts
The kids glued on yarn for hair.

The project was not finished by dinner so we will spend more time with it tomorrow because after dinner we played a couple hours of hide and go seek :)

I forgot to pray, yes- I forgot to pray, this morning before lessons and felt a little stressed all day.  
I need to be more focused on the Lord and what he wants from me and not what I want to get done in a day.  

Perhaps something that doesn't get done is best saved for better opportunity, like the giant people. 
I have had that project planned for 3 weeks and was finally able to get it done because Spencer unexpectedly stayed the night and Jerry was not home late from work. 

I just need to remember the things that make me anxious are fleshy things and to remember what I am ultimately living for. 


  1. Wow! How amazing you are. Your kids are adorable!!

    1. Thank you Pam for the compliment and thank you for reading :)


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