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Streamers Obstacle Course

Today was great!
I was up early and had everything set up for the preschool by 8:30 am.

Breakfast was done early too.

I feel like today we had extra hours squeezed in.  The kids did so much and still had a good amount of time for pretend.

 Egg station- for this station I just set out a bunch of plastic eggs small and large for play.  I also provided pom poms so the kids could match or mis-match the colors.  
Reading station- I went to the library yesterday to get new books.  The kids spent a good amount of time looking through the new selection. 
Easter stickers-  I left this station up for Liam, Emma, and Isaiah.  I knew they wold be excited to play with the stickers which would excite my two dragons.  It worked well.  I was able to get Athena's hair done while the other kids sorted the stickers. 
Egg station turned 'store'- It didn't take long for the egg station to become a store.  The kids found a magic erase board to keep their records and pretended to work in a grocery store and restaurant. 

Spring is in the air (although it snowed) so schools are on spring break.  That means I had two extra kids today!
 I put together my own mini Easter packet and gave these to the kids while I cleaned up breakfast. 

It had two coloring pages and page with two colorful Easter eggs on which we used for math. 

The first page the kids colored while chatting. 
The second page I put on Easter songs while they colored to see the difference in coloring style. 

Ahh yes, all the kids got to pick out a new Easter pencil! 

After our Good Morning Song the kids really wanted to keep dancing so I turned on the Letter E songs (links under videos). 
They all danced together in a circle.  I joined in too, but of course I also took the picture. 

The Easter eggs had a bunch of empty circles.  I had originally printed for an activity I saw online to decorate the eggs with m&m's.  I do not have m&m's and rarely give the kids candy and came up with this math idea after reaching into the new Discovery Pack from our local library.

In the disovery pack there was a big purple die.

I gave the instruction to write the numbers 1-6 in the empty circles. 

Then the kids rolled the dice and colored in the number they rolled on their eggs. 

While I made lunch I introduced the kids to the room of streamers. 
 They started giggling as soon as they saw the streamers.

After I got this picture they were let loose....

Over and under
 Crawling all around

They pretended they were lasers and they couldn't touch them.  The younger boys started to tear them down and the older gets were getting upset.  

So me and the toddlers went upstairs for a different activity. 
Gluing popcorn onto paper plates. 

We made lambs for Passover.  
I don't think the kids really understand what the lamb was for. But they liked  it.   I do not have a popcorn popper and did not want to use microwave popcorn for this activity so I heated up some kernels in a big sauce pan.   As silly as this may sound I thought the popcorn would just pop and fill up the pan....nope! When the popcorn popped it popped out of the pan and all over the kitchen! 
Boy oh boy did the kids love it! I had to let it go on for awhile with the joy I got from hearing the kids laugh. 

The older kids did the lamb activity while the little one's were sleeping.  
Then there was some play time and our day was over. 

I got to a slow start on Tuesday.  I woke up feeling stuffy and super tired. 
To get the day started to wake me up and get the kids moving we had a Snow Day! 

With all of us being sick all winter we haven't been out to play in the snow.

It was a warm snow during spring break-why not take this chance?

Snow balls! 

Our snow man :D.

Inside Liam worked on patterns and Spencer worked on matching with our Easter stickers. 

I turned our snack into a fun senses activity with a pinch of science. 

The extra popcorn from Monday's craft I split into four bowls and melted some butter. 

We made a Hypothesis about what would happen when we added the butter and the salt.  
I love making hypothesis's with the kids they always have interesting things to say and the reasons why are so creative.  

I had them smell and look at the popcorn to decipher the differences first. 

Then I had them close their eyes and gave them 1 piece from a bowl and had them guess which bowl it came from. 

  1. Plain
  2. Salted
  3. Butter and salted
  4. Buttered

When we finished they each picked their favorite for a snack. 

It is just me and Spencer today.  We did things that interested him and I involved some talk on matching.  :)

Trucks and Legos. 


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