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Giant People!

Dragon Snack

I made dragon snacks on Tuesday to incorporate the letter D with food.  We had donuts last week and I didn't -or couldn't think of-another food that started with D so I made this.

The kids were really excited when they sat down to the dragon.  I will have to think about doing this more often.

We started our day off with a review on Adam and Eve and I gave each of the kids a card with Adam, Eve, or the Snake on it so they could act out the story.
The role playing was fun!

Reading station-again today this station had a lot of attention.  I don't know if it the dinosaur and dragon books or they just like reading right now. 
Discovery bottle-the kids all liked looking in the bottle.  I did not sit and encourage searching for specific items but it was our first discovery bottle and wanted the kids to have a chance to look first. 

Dice sensory station-I put a tub of dice on the table with some small metal cups and a sorting tray.  The rule was to keep the dice of the floor and they could do whatever they wanted with the dice.  
Because I am a DnD player I have a lot of dice in different colors and shapes.  The kids spent a lot of time at this station. 
 I told them to pick their favorite dice for a picture :)

 How many dice can you fit in a cup before they fall out? 

A duck shape maze for math and some dry erase work book numbers and handwriting. 

After circle time I set up a sensory sink while the kids played down stairs. 
Sink or float?...Sensory Sink

I collected took everything out of the D sound bag and put it on the counter.  I also added milk duds but called them deer droppings for this activity.  It was funny when Athena said "deer droppings are poop!"  She knew it was real but she and Spencer both found it amusing. 

This sensory sink was inspired by the book Ducky that we read Monday.  

Before we filled the sink with water we made a list of the things we had and if they would sink or float.  
We added the items one by one to check our results.  
I briefly explained why something would sink vs float but by this time the kids were already touching the water and the last thing they wanted to do was not touch.  

During our next bath we are going to review this activity with more space and we can talk more about the why. 

Next we put the finishing touches on the giant people. 

All finished! 

Athena was trying to trick me by putting the poster in front of her face and walking around.   

Circle time
We read Doggies and Dinosaur Dance
Both of these books were interactive.  The kids barked along with the dogs and danced along with the dinosaurs.  

I gave the kids red streamers to dance with, just like they had in the book. :)

We sang our dinosaur songs and then I gave Athena a game to play.  
Matching the object with the first letter it started with.    
This was a test to help me know what we need to work on and how much she knows.  

Noel (my sister) did not join us today for circle time :(.  But there is always tomorrow. 

I bought some dinosaur hats from the dollar store awhile ago and Spencer and Liam decided they wanted to wear them today. 


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