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Totally Tuesday

I am writing this post late. =/
 I did not get on the computer last night, Jerry and had face time.

(Face time is talking together face to face with no other distractions or interruptions.)

We talk every night but actual face time comes up at least once a month and is always enjoyable. 

I titled this post 'Totally Tuesday' because it was all about preschool with the kids.  They were focused totally on preschool all day. 

I woke up and spent my time with God after breakfast then set up preschool while Athena made her bed and got dressed.  I felt like I had so much time in such a small amount of time. We were ready to go at 10 am! 

There was the reading station and a community helpers puzzle for a station.  Then I set up a dramatic play station: 

The Bakery or Pastelaria
The kids loved it!  
I made some cupcakes 5 days ago and they were hard.  I gave them to the kids to play with in the bakery. 
I love taking pictures and can't resist sharing them. 

Athena is feeding Spencer some icing that feel off a cupcake. 

Baking together.  Great sharing and working together! 

 Athena 'bunches' up the cupcakes placing them all together in one group. 

Spencer lined them up next to each other to count them. 

We started off with Valentines subtraction.  A worksheet I found on  Followed by vocabulary flash cards and sentence structuring.  I was really encouraging them to work together to create sentences.  It did not go as well as I planned but it is only the second time I asked them to communicate with each other to come to a conclusion. 
 We had snacks and the kids were dismissed to stations. 
They came back to talk about the letter H and practice writing it. 
While Athena and Liam finished coloring their hippo's I started the 'eggsperiment' with Spencer. 

I gave Athena and Liam the option to join us when they were finished but Athena was proud to say "I already did that with daddy."  Liam wanted to play bakery with Athena and would go back and fourth between the two of areas. 

Spencer dumped in the salt. 

Stirring it up keeping track of the egg the whole time. 

Being silly :)

He was more interested in stirring then the floating egg.  Therefore he stirred until he was bored. 

We ended the school day with our mid day music.  I wasn't planning on the day ending so soon but Liams mom picked him up early for a doctor appointment and Athena's mom surprisingly came to get her.  

Circle time
We sang a new Valentines song, I don't have a picture of it yet.  
I found some new worksheets that I gave the kids today.  They had to draw a picture of what they did yesterday, what they are wearing today, and what they want to do tomorrow.  Again from

We had lunch then came back to our circle.  The puzzle wasn't getting much attention as a station so I had the kids complete it together here.  It was a big puzzle that was part of the discovery pack from the library.  We also discussed more community helpers with the flash cards in the discovery pack.   
Circle time ended with a brief talk about our hearts.  Where it is and it's size.  We compared fists or heart size.  I also introduced a poem about smoking.  

After the other kids were gone it was me and Spencer.  He was not feeling too well and lay down to watch Bob the Builder.  I finished up some over due laundry.  

After Spencer was picked up it was just me.  This is a rare occurrence.  It seems so quiet.  Just me. 

As much as I want mommy time while the kids are home when they are gone I don't know what to do with myself.  


  1. I am proud of you and appreciate all that you do as a mom - and as my woman. It's late, and you are sleeping near me peacefully, beautifully - but I wanted to leave this "good night" message in hopes that it will find a smile from you soon. (On certain days it may very be useful.) I love you.


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