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Marvelous Monday

Our family had a good weekend.  Aside from having 'the sickness' again and the tire blowing on the express way, it was good.  Without the car we still made it to church on Sunday.  It was a good service and the kids are really enjoying the classes.  I am happy we made the decision to attend.

We were not able to get the tire fixed until today because the tire went out on Saturday most places were closed by the time we had a tow truck.  Without a car Jerry was not able to make it in to work today.  He joined us for preschool.  The kids really enjoyed it.

I watched Isaiah today so I was up early and spent some time reading the Bible before he arrived or my kids were awake.  It was very peaceful and I am looking forward to doing it again.  I did not have the time to work out though, this was a small bummer.

Once the little dragons rose from their slumber I made home made pancakes, for the first time!  My sister recently sent me an awesome pancake pan plus it was national pancake day last week so I had to make them.  I have been waiting for both the kids to be here and today was the day!

I made two batches and only one was left.  I would count that as a success. =)

I did some cleaning after and Jerry came down stairs and gave me a super big hug.  It was nice.  We usually don't have much time for hugs because he is rushing out the door to get to work, but this morning he was able to hold me while I washed the dishes.  I liked it.

I made Jerry's breakfast shake, packed his lunch, gave Athena a bath, swept the floor, and dressed Spencer.  I felt so busy but it was still so early.  I couldn't believe it.  I thought it was past 12 by the time I got myself dressed to do preschool but it was only 10 am.  I am enjoying the sound of waking up early more and more!

Because I assumed it was much later then it actually was I did not set up three stations today.  I thought I just needed to get started before the kids got past that point of wanting to learn.

I left this out for any free time they did have.  I found these tiny, sticky, foam balls at the dollar store.  I provided the cups and the tray so they could separate the foam in different ways.  It is very neat stuff and not as messy as play dough.

We started with music today.
With all the excitement because Jerry was home I wanted to get some energy out before having the kids sit for lessons.

After the videos we did math with conversation hearts.  

We did some sorting, stacking, counting, and of course adding and subtracting. In the end there was some taste testing too. ;)

Daddy helped! 

Next we played a game I saw on Pintrest from a mom with a lesson plan.  She called it the Heart Hop. 
The boys focused on counting, Athena focused on reading. 

We had snacks then began circle time. 
After circle time Athena and Daddy played tic-tac-toe on the white board with some cut out hearts then we practiced her reading. 

When the boys woke up from their nap and after lunch it was time for art.  With Valentines day this week I knew we needed to start making Valentines for the people we love.  

The kids made heart ladybugs. 

All three had some practice with scissors and glue.  They each picked one person to give their Valentine to and talked about them during the craft. 

 They look pretty happy with the end result.  
Isaiah was not up for a picture holding his Valentine but he finished it and gave it to his mommy. 

Circle Time
We talked about the calendar first then Jerry read to the kids a book called How Big is God. After the book we went over creation again on the magnetic board.  (Spencer fell asleep during this)

Isaiah was tired after this discussion too so I took him up to lay him down while Athena colored her 'day three creation' picture. 

I had some more activities planned for circle time but wanted all the kids to participate in them so I held off until another day. 

I did not have fits or tantrums today.  Spencer is feeling much better since being on his antibiotic and I had enough energy to get through our lessons.  Jerry being home was a big surprise and excitement for the kids.  We don't do preschool when he is home the kids were proud to show off their smarts. 

It was nice for me also.  He was able to see what I do daily.  I tell him about it but he was able to see and help out with it today and he was tired.  

I am still fighting 'the sickness' and need to get some rest to make sure we have another great day tomorrow.  I don't want to be drained laying on the couch tomorrow.  


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