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After being so excited about good sleep I did not sleep well.  *frown*
I was up at 7 am and made coffee but was not able to motivate my body to work out nor my eyes to stay open.
I was so exhausted from lack of sleep, stress, and emotions.
I put on some cartoons for an hour after breakfast and sat on the couch not moving.  I would not consider this rest but it was better then working out.

I prayed with the kids then set up preschool after lunch so we did not complete my planned day, but that was okay today.  It didn't cause me extra anxiety.

Stations were the same as Friday except the reading station.  I noticed the kids were not drawn to the reading station, they were not excited about it so I wanted to add something to catch their attention.

I opened the door so the kids could watch the snow and placed the couch in front of the door.  This drew all three of them in. 

They sat in the reading station for awhile.  I don't put hard limits on reading time.  Once the boys noticed the 'sensory' station they were drawn to the blocks and dinosaurs.

We did our video line up which I stretched to a good 30 min of active movement.

Isaiah went down for his nap after reading a couple books and my kids finished coloring a picture of God's second day creation they received Friday.

Spencer was feeling pretty sick and was fighting sleep.  He kept going to the couch to lay down and his eyes would close for 10 minutes then he would wake again wanting to take part in an activity but having no energy to do it.

For the most part it was me and Athena.

Athena colored and cut out the images for the H book we will be putting together and decided she wanted to continue using her scissors.  So she placed the pictures to the side and practically shredded the rest of the paper.  This is fine as long as she throws away all the scraps.

Because we started late and both boys were napping I did not get into too much of my lesson plan.  Spencer is really absorbing the lessons and I want him to take part in them.

Athena and I played a matching upper case to lower case game. 

I drew 'ice cream cones' on the white board then wrote the upper case letter in them.  

I only set out the lower case 'ice cream scoop' letters that were one the board for Athena to choose from.  This was her first time playing and I wanted to gauge the difficulty level I needed to use. 

She got all but two correct her first try.  I did not have to correct her though, she noticed the mistake and fixed it quickly on her own.  (See the lower case h on top of the N)

 She has both the 'h' and the 'n' next to the N in this picture.  She was deciding which one was correct. 
 All finished!  
I find many educational links that correlate to our current topics so I set up Monday for our computer day. This is when the kids can play or watch the interactive stories for preschool.  It is not a time to play whatever games they choose, we have a separate time for that.  This is specifically for things related to our current topics.

The ice cream scoop game did not take much time so we headed up to the computers.  Spencer lay down on the bed for more rest and Isaiah was still sleeping.

Athena played around in Bobby's Busy Bakery and also in the pizzeria.  This ended our 'preschool' activities.

Jerry has been feeling space from the kids and asked that I start putting activities together that he can do with the kids after work.  I am planning on having a game night, movie night, craft night, and a science night.  Now that he has offered I will be doing most science experiments at night after our normal preschool routine.
This takes a lot of unnecessary anxiety off my shoulders.  I always plan on doing science but fear the mess and also want to get math, handwriting, and reading done first.  Sometimes after those activities we don't have time for science.  I have been trying to squish it in but it seems to frustrate me more when I do this and makes the experiment less enjoyable for the kids.
I don't know why I didn't think of this solution earlier.
With Jerry's help there will be two parents.  One to constantly observe while the other can take pictures or leave the room with the other child if needed without walking back in the room to a disaster.
Tonight was Science Night! 
Of course first we had to make our Hypothesis of the out come. 

 We dropped the egg into the jar and it sank.  

Then we began adding salt 
 and stirring the salt to help it dissolve. 

Then we added more salt and more salt ...

and more salt! 

We added 12 tsp of salt, stirring periodically, before the egg floated to the top. 

Athena really enjoyed the eggsperiment especially doing it with daddy.  The only thing was that Spencer was not there to take part :(.
 I am planning on repeating the experiment with Spencer tomorrow while Athena completes some of her more advanced curriculum.  A down time for Spencer I can take advantage of to teach him!


  1. It looks like you had a great day! I love that your making an effort to fit science in. :)


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