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Six Kids and Tuesday

I had six kids on Monday which is not custom.  It sounds like a lot, it sounded overwhelming when I agreed to do it, but it ended up being a good day.  The kids did a great job keeping each other occupied so they were not looking to me as much for entertainment.  

I liked it!
I could leave the room and prepare snacks without having three to four people in the kitchen, and I have a very small kitchen.  They all were so excited to play together that I was able to leave the room  unnoticed.

My plan was to let the kids entertain each other and I was going to plan a few activities for them but I ended up structuring into more of a preschool environment.  

The big reason I did this is because Athena's sister was over visiting on Monday.  When I was tucking her into bed Sunday she asked if we could do Athena's home school and a craft.  I couldn't say no.

I did not set up stations.  During free time they played with stuffed animals together.  The kids were using their imagination together and I saw no reason not to let them play.

I started the day by splitting up the kids for math. 

I gave the older kids some glass pebbles and a sorting tray.  

I gave the young boys pom poms and a sorting tray. 
I gave Athena, Vira, Liam, and Emma directions first.  I had them all pick 5 gems to put in their section of the tray and then did some math problems with them.  Then I picked 1 of the 'gems' out and told them to put all the 'gems' that matched it in one section.  This allowed for group discussion and some time for me to work with the boys. 

The boys sorted the pom poms by color. 

Isaiah caught on quick and by the third color was picking up 2-3 pom poms to sort at once.  

They were happy with the results. 

While I was working with each group the other group had the opportunity to play and feel the objects they were using.  It kept them busy while I worked with the other groups and allowed for sensory learning. 

While having breakfast the kids watched a video on creation so after the kids finished the math lesson they used the 'gems' as a river and I gave them foam animal sticker to use as play pieces.  It was a mini world play but I did not get a picture. :(

For handwriting practice I had the kids write each other's names.  

This took longer then I foresaw but that was a good thing.  ;)

Lunch time!

After lunch we did art! 
I drew stars on white paper with a white crayon and gave the kids blue and black paint.  As they painted the stars would appear like magic!  

 I did not get a picture of the finished project...yet. 

All kids giggled when they found a star  it was awesome!

This picture is a little blurry but the kids were moving.
 I set up an obstacle course at the end of the day.  It is the first time I have set one up and have better ideas for the next one.  


We made donuts!  I had a later start then I wanted on Tuesday.  Athena asked to cuddle first thing in the morning so we spent an hour cuddling while we watched Veggie Tales.  After our cuddle time we made donuts for breakfast, with eggs and sausage.

We started school at noon.  I had the kids color a picture online while I got some things together for the day.  
Since I focused so much on Valentines day crafts and activities my lesson plan got all mixed up.  Now I am scrambling to put things together each day.  It is very annoying.  

Bead and Spoon- this was mostly for motor skills.  I knew the kids would also touch all of the beads and play with them so it could double as sensory.  

 They had to pick up 1 bead at a time with the spoons and drop it into one of the spaces on the tray. 

Reading Tent-

 This cause a lot of excitement.  So much that they got rowdy and tore it down.  The tent is there for a fun place to read.  I explained to the kids that they could have fun without destroying the tent.  If the tent is going to be destroyed then there is no reason for a tent.  The tent stayed intact for the rest of the day. :)

For math we did a simple shape/number match with Helicopters for the Letter H.  It was good review for Athena and Liam and shape focus for Spencer.
The handwriting was writing the letter H and coloring a picture of a Hylaeosaurus.
After snacks the little dragons colored and cut out game pieces for a game we played in circle time.

Circle Time
Mr. Hippo the puppet read a book on Honesty and then read Elmer and The Hippos. 
We played a matching game with the cards the kids made earlier that went along with The Hat.
In the end we sorted food into the correct food group after talking about Healthy Hearts.

I allowed a visitor to join us Tuesday for preschool.  His name is Me Bear. 

He was a gift for Valentines day.  All the little dragons enjoyed his company and I think he may visit again. :)


  1. This is very creative! I do similar things with my 2, but I never thought to call it preschool!
    I find it takes a lot of work to keep up with the picture taking. Today my 3 year old looked like what I think a 3yr old should look like, he had red scribbled marker on his face, a pair of grey sweat paints that had random smears of blue paint, his little white t-shirt hanging out from under his animal sweat shirt and a long squirt stick slung over his shoulder. These are joyful moments we are living!

    1. Thank you! The are proud to call it preschool when people ask if they are in school, it also helps the structure. They know preschool is 'learning time'. I carry my phone around with me everywhere to take pictures, I love it!
      Sounds like your 3yr old had a good day :).


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