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Bug Story

I love hearing creative stories from my dragons.  They are usually so creative and sometimes so random!  I think this is great.  It gives some insight into how a preschooler things, where they get some of their abstract ideas, and how innocent and unshaped they still are.

I always tell myself I will take more time for story telling and fail often.  I give The Dragons opportunities to tell stories with story boards but sometimes the real creativity come out when they have an adult audience.

For our summer bug theme I encouraged The Dragons to take on the mindset of a bug and tell me a story from their perspective.

This was easier for Summer Dragon, the oldest of the group who is with us during summer break.  Doll Dragon had a harder time putting herself in someone else's shoes per-say, Little Dragon didn't really grasp the concept so he just told me a story.

Summer Dragon was an ant in his story. 
I started him off by giving him a paperclip to look at and hold.  I asked him, "What would an ant think or do with that?"
This gave him a start to the story.

I am walking and see something.  It's a bridge.  I will try to cross it.  Then I fall through the hole in the bridge.  I try again and again to cross. 

I try to tear grass with my teeth to cover the holes.  Then I get across. 

Some kids taped the paperclip for an experiment and forgot about it. 

It gets windy.  The wind pushes me.  All the ants are in the ant hole and can't help me.  I try to get to the and hole but I can't.  I make shelter with grass but it blows away. 

I climbed a wall, which was hard because of the wind.  So I went slow.  I get to the top then climb down.  The wind stops.  Sun is out.  I see giants, I am scared!  I scurry and see other bugs then I chill. (That's laying down-he tells me)
The end. 

Little Dragons wants to tell a story of a spider. 
I don't give Little Dragon an object because he is younger and it would distract him from the story.

The spider is wearing socks then throws them in the water because he didn't like them, because they were blue. 
The spider crawls up and up and up to reach more socks.  He finds blue and red socks.  He puts them on.  Now he is all dressed.  He is read to work. 
He works on his spider web then goes home. 
He climbs on the wall and bites people.  He crawls up to sleep. 
The end. 

Doll Dragon wants to be a brown and red spider. 
I gave Doll Dragon a gem for her story starter.

I see something shiny.  I think it's a dance party.  It bust be big inside. 
I think it may also be sticky.  I walk to the shiny.  
I see a red ant.
I get to the shiny thing and see myself when I look at it.  I think I am pretty.  I wrap myself up in my web. 
The End.

In addition to these stories you can have the kids draw a picture to go along with their stories.  Only Summer Dragon was interested in doing this.  Doll Dragon also went last, she has the shortest attention span and did not want to continue telling her story while the other kids played.

This activity could also be done as a group story where each person tells a different part of the story.

You could also give the kids an object and ask them all the different uses an ant/bug would have for this object.

Being something else can be a lot of fun to think about and explore!

Thanks for reading!  Check out more of my bug activities here.


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