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N is for Name

Names.  What is a name?  That is an interesting question for a preschooler.  After I asked I had a couple minutes of silence.  They really had to think about it.
A name is what we call someone/something.  We identify something/someone by their name.
I asked a couple more questions

  • What is your name?
  • What is your nick name?
  • What are your animals names? Stuffed animals in our case because we don't own a pet. 
We spent some time naming most of the stuffed animals the kids owned. Then we talked about their pretend names.  *rolls eyes*  Who knew there would be so much fun in the topic of names. 

On the topic of names we talked about Jesus and his twelve disciples.  This was more fun then I had originally thought it would be.  

I used the felt board to help with Jesus and his twelve disciples. 

We sang a Twelve Disciples Song too.

We don't really know what the disciples look like so together the kids and I drew pictures on the back of each name of what we think they would look like.

Each day we would read about the disciples from our bibles and review our bible verse.

Bible Verse: He called his disciples.  He chose them from twelve.
                Luke 6: 13


Week 14 folder had some n activities and nursery rhymes.  
Doll Dragon had some letter n flashcards to make sentences and Little Dragon had food cards to color that started with the letter n.

There was also capital and lowercase recognition with a coloring page. 

I planned to have the kids put foam stickers all over the letter n page inside their alphabet notebooks but i only had 2 foam stickers left.  They each placed 1 in their notebooks and I was too busy to think of something to add.

Our motion this week is cupping your hand to make it look like the letter n.  Then say 'n-n-name'.
Most of our focus this week was on names.

We were so busy with names this week I didn't plan a lot of extra number activities.  This is something I really need to work on though.  Little Dragon is not catching on to numbers.

In the week 14 folder there was a Ten in the Bed worksheet.  
After listening to the Ten in the Bed song I had the kids draw a picture of ten in the bed.  The drawing was very open.  They could draw animals or people in the bed.  They both really enjoyed this activity and listening/singing this song.

During circle time we did a bunch of playing.  With names as a topic there plenty of games to play.

I made letter cards of each letter in each dragons name and hid them around the house.  They had to find their letter cards with their explorers binoculars.

Once they found each letter in their name they had to arrange them to spell their name. 

We then lay all of the letters face down.  We each took turns picking up a card.  If the card had a letter that was in your name on it you would keep it.  If not you would put it back and the next person would pick.

I knew the dragons would pick only their color so I played as well and made sure to get a good mix of colors for my own name, thus making it necessary the other kids picked new colors too. 

We took time to make some noise!!!

Before moving on to Nutrition.
I used pieces of a file folder I put together for this activity.  It isn't something I have taken much time to talk to the kids about for awhile and I was excited to pull it out. 
The dragons were too! 
There are many different games/activities to do with the nutrition pieces.  This time I gave each dragon a cookies sheet and a food group.  Then, taking turns, they would pick one of the food pieces from the board that belonged in their food group.  When they had all of their food group foods they would add the group as a whole to the board. 

Name Posters

  • Large pieces of paper
  • Black paper
  • small square pieces of paper, variety of colors
  • glue 
There were many different name crafts to choose from and this was my favorite!  I love the colors and the look of the squares all over. 

I cut all the paper before the activity.  

I asked the kids how to spell their names then wrote them on the paper. 

Then the dragons glued the squares onto each letter. 

Then we hung them on the wall above their beds. Wonderful! 

Valentines Frames
  • wooden frame
  • paint & paint brush
  • stickers
  • sharpie
  • picture
Paint the frame

Add desired stickers

Add desired verbiage

Insert photo. 

This was a special Valentine activity the kids did for their cousins.  They really enjoyed making them and giving them to their cousins to express their love.  

Food List
It has been some time since I have listed foods that go with the letter we are learning about.  
This week a made sure to provide letter n foods, such as:

Chicken Nuggets
Apples and Nutella 


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