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B is for Boat

Boats.  It is all about boats this week.  The time Jesus spent on boats and more fun stuff.

Our focus is still on Jesus and this week we are taking about Jesus calming the storm and walking on water.  The kids did awesome with this unit.

 We did some crafts that I break down below.  During each craft we talked about our bible stories and added something about Jesus to each of them.

We used the boat puppet to help illustrate the story of Jesus calming the storm. 

We discussed how Jesus walked on water and how Peter walked on water and the differences there. 

Are song this week was "I have peace of a river in my soul" I liked this song it was very catchy. 

Our bible verse is "those on the boat worshiped him and said 'truly you are the son of God'".   -Matthew 14:33

I checked out a book from the library for us to read some stories of Jesus from a different source.


Boat puppet


  • half a paper plate
  • 2 triangles cut out of construction paper
  • craft stick
  • jumbo craft stick
  • glue
  • blue construction paper
  • scissors

I gave Little Dragon all of the materials for the craft before giving him instructions on what the craft was.  I like to give Little Dragon time to explore with the materials before breaking the creative barrier.

While he explored with most of the materials I cut a slit in the blue construction paper. 

After all the exploring was finished together we constructed a boat.  The paper plate was the boat, the craft stick and the 2 triangles were the sail.  The jumbo craft stick we glued to the bottom to make the boat a puppet. 

Little Dragon decorated the boat and the sea (blue construction paper).  We added the bible verse to the boat.  

Then Little Dragon slid the puppet into the slit in the blue paper (sea).  He as then able to move the boat around as if it were in a storm. 

Boats in the sea
  • red construction paper
  • die
  • blue construction paper
  • markers
  • glue
  • scissors
This was a game and a craft.  It was more craft because the kids spent much more time creating their art then playing the game. 

I gave each dragon a red and blue piece of paper.  Then I told them to roll the die.  Whatever number came up on the die was the number of boats they had to draw on the red paper.  Both dragons rolled numerous times until they had the number of boats they wanted. 

The dragons then cut out their boats and glued them onto the blue paper and used markers to decorate. 

I had them right 'boat' inside each boat for handwriting practice. 

Doll Dragon took this a step further and drew the disciples in her boats and Jesus walking on the water. 

  • Kiwi Crate activity book
  • glow stick
  • tape
  • scissors
There were a couple activities I wanted Jerry to be part of so I was trying to find things to do while waiting for him.  This short, simple bug craft was perfect!

I had the dragons cut out their bugs then helped them tape a glow stick inside.  There was a small window in the body of the bug for the glow stick to peek through.

Then we folded the bug to cover the glow stick and taped it closed then taped on the wings.

I am sure this could be made without the Kiwi books.  You would just have to draw out the bug.

We had some good books this week from the library for the letter b and boats

My "b" Sound Box
We Are All In The Same Boat
Storm Is Coming

Click here to see my reviews

Last week we finished numbers and moved onto colors. Both my dragons know their colors well.  I am not sure I would consider this a review more just something to do.  I did not spend as much time on the red activities as the lesson plan called for.

The first red activity was a scavenger hunt. I had the kids check each level for toys that were red then lay them on the red construction paper.  I gave each of them their own paper.  It was interesting to see the differences in the items they collected.

For the boats in the sea craft I had the kids use red paper to make their boats.

Little Dragon has color pages to make a dinosaur color book in his weekly folder.  He worked on that  a bit.  He will have a page in each folder until we finish our colors.

Week 15 Folder
The dragons were very excited about this folder.  There was a lot of letter b coloring practice inside.  Little Dragon needs coloring practice and has started enjoying art more.  Doll Dragon always feels special about what I draw for her.   This week Doll Dragon had a ballerina fairy and Little Dragon had a picture of Blue from Blue's Clues.

Both dragons had a listening work sheet they filled out after I read them a book.
The worksheet asked for them to draw what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the book.  I was pleasantly surprised at Little Dragons progress with this worksheet.  Doll Dragon also had a main character worksheet.

There was also a maze, search and find, before and after, biggest and smallest shapes, and seasons practice.

More of the activities in the folder are under the alphabet heading.

So many activities with the letter b.  I am pretty sure by the end of the week both dragons will know the name and sound of the letter b.
Our motion for the letter b is holding up your left hand and making a letter b.
We made our letter b pencil toppers and practiced writing the letter b on the white board. Little Dragon was able to write the letter b on his own this week. The dragons stamped the letter b in their alphabet notebooks

We played "I was riding on my bike and hit a big bump and a (blank) bounced in my basket"

Whoever is holding the balloon would say the quote above.  They had to fill in the blank with a b word.  I had a picture list of words for Little Dragon to look at while we played the game.  It was also a memory game.  The person with the balloon had to repeat all the previous b words before adding a new one.

This didn't last too long.  Little Dragon is a bit young yet to remember much.

In our week folder Little Dragon colored pictures that start with the letter b and Doll Dragon drew pictures of letter b words.

A couple weeks ago we learned about the letter d which looks very similar to this weeks letter b.  So we did a few activities to help the dragons differentiate.
The dragons held their left hand in a b and right hand in a d. We talked about how b sees d.  To take it further we had an illustration in their week folder.  The dragons drew an eye on each letter so they could see each other.

Letter B Foods
  • bacon
  • bbq chicken
  • beans
  • baked beans


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