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The Sickness

I have the sickness :( ....again.  The second time in a month.  Therefore I have been slacking in many areas, including my blog.  For the few who are following, I apologize.

Sunday it was just me, Jerry, and the sickness so nothing much happened.

Monday Spencer and I were able to spend some good quality time together.  I was sick but was able to sit in front of the heater bundled up playing with play dough and cars.  I made him a small track for his cars and that kept him pretty occupied.  

Tuesday Athena was home and Liam was over.  I put on a Disney movie for the two of them and lay down to rest not having any sleep the night before.  That gave me a little over an hour of rest (sadly no sleep.)  After the movie I prepared snacks and started re arranging for preschool.  Spencer arrived.

For the sensory station I set out some rocks for observation. I knew being sick the rice would not do.  This was an easy clean up. 

I provided a magnifying glass with the rocks for closer observation. 
Later these rocks will be decorated and turned into Pet Rocks providing a lesson in both the Letter R and in Creation. 

I also had the reading station and some sponges (provided in the Discovery Pack from the library) that represented the different seasons that they could play with. 

The kids acted out The Little Red Hen with their puppets.  Spencer participated and did quite well in this activity.  He even picked up his cue. 
(The kids did not even notice the difference in the puppets and the story version. Plus I was able to sit while they acted it out.  Very nice on a sick day.)

We finished the day with a craft that correlated with Creation and the Bible verse 'In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.'

A simple craft using a coffee filter, markers, and some water.   Not too messy either.  Anther perfect sick day activity.

Color the whole coffee filter then drip water on it. 

The water mixes the colors and you have what looks like the earth.  We hung the finished product on the windows. 

The day seems easy looking at the above description and pictures but it wasn't.  Athena just coming home from her moms had a difficult day.  She was testing boundaries all day.  I had to send her to her room multiple times for throwing fits which is extra tiresome with a pounding headache.  Finally after her third fit, once she quieted down I went up to talk to her.  I asked her if there was anything she wanted to talk about.  She said no.
I asked her if she was upset or sad about anything.  She said no.
I asked her if she was making good decisions or bad decisions throwing fits.  She said bad decisions.
I asked her why she would make that decision.  She told me it was because she wanted to be alone.
So we talked about the good/appropriate way to handle those feelings.  This seemed to go well.
Then I asked her if I was making her sad or her mom or her dad.  She said I was making her sad because she wanted to see me all the time and could not.  Then she said her dad was making her sad because he was sick and she wanted him to get better.
I was really happy she shared this with me. It shows me that she has a good heart but doesn't is having trouble understanding her feelings.  My  job is to guide her in the correct way of showing or understanding them.
Today she did not throw any fits and listened very well.
One joy about being a mommy is seeing you can patch a small broken heart.


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