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Easy Breezy

Today was GREAT!  I was not anxious and the kids did really well.

Last night I was worried today would be another yesterday because I did not sleep much with the sickness keeping me up.  But Jerry was so super sick this morning that he stayed home from work.  He couldn't sleep and sat downstairs with the kids so I could rest.  I am so lucky to have such a great guy!  I slept until 11:30 and slept well.
Once I woke up I got the kids lunch then hopped in the shower and got dressed (not in workout clothes today)  Of course the kids behaved very well.

When I put on my apron Spencer got excited and ran to his desk and started saying "Yay school!"  Athena was also quite excited.
I started school at 1:30.  I did not provide stations today because it would take time to get them out and we only did 2 hours of learning which doesn't give much time for free play in the 'classroom'.

On Tuesday's I watch Liam, 5, as well.  I only have 2 desks so we used the round center table as a shared desk today so all the kids sat together.  This is the first time I have done this.  The kids really enjoyed helping each other and being able to watch each other work.  This is something I am going to start doing every Tuesday.

We started off with a maze.  Liam asked if it was a game when he saw it.  I responded that it was a game you play by yourself which excited them.  After they completed the mazes they were allowed to color them.  The boys were not interested in this long and were soon asking for something else to do.  Athena wanted to make hers pretty and took the time to color every thing possible on the page :).

In the bottom left of the picture you can see Athenas

These are number wheels.  I cut circles out of cardboard and used a Sharpie to divide it and add the dots.  There are two wheels.  One is numbers 1-10.  The other is numbers 11-20.  The clothespins have the numerals written on them and they have to match the number to the correct number of dots.  Spencer was mostly working on motor skills, learning how to open the clothes pins.  Both boys enjoyed this activity.

We sang the ABC'S together three times and counted to 20 earning stickers getting through it all with no mistakes.

Athena and Liam did a rhyming lesson where they had to work together.  It took a moment for them to work together but they eventually got it and finished the worksheet as a team.

Now everybody was ready for circle time and I finished my calendar!  We sang the weather song, days of the week song, and five little snowflakes.  We talked about today, yesterday, tomorrow and everyone was able to tell a story about what they did yesterday.
We ended with a book.  We put on our listening ears and read Rain Rain Go Away.  We had a short discussion about the season we saw in the book then preschool was over.

Wonderful day.

p.s. I need some ideas on how to visually show today, yesterday, and tomorrow on the calendar.  Any idea is welcome! Thanks!


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