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Painting To Music

I was very excited to paint to the music.  I wanted this to be an exciting activity for me to join the kids in.  Of course it doesn't always go as we plan because God has a plan and his plan was to teach me a different lesson today.

I had been building up this activity most of the day, again I was excited! I had wanted to start it after breakfast but we ended up going on a spur of the moment hour run/walk so the activity got started later then usual.  Because it was later in the day, which means there was a lot of playing going on beforehand, we had to clean up before we could proceed.  Painting can be messy! And I didn't want the paint getting on our other toys.

Cleaning can be boring and Doll Dragon is easily distracted so she decided to go upstairs and go through the bathroom trash.  YUCK!!  This is so, so, so gross and unsanitary.  She is very curious regardless of the many, many times we have told and explained to her why going through the trash is NOT OK!  She even had severe food poisoning once from doing so, trash can be serious.
To the point, because this has been an ongoing problem and the timeouts nor the throwing up seem to be enough of a reminder to keep her hands out of the trash she had to write sentences.

The opportunity for her to participate in the activity was there if she finished her sentences, but she is easily distracted and decided to take her time getting her sentences done.

On to painting! 
I made a playlist to paint to.  Because of our late start I just picked a dub step remix that had mixed emotional and tempo songs. 

I set the easel with art paper taped on it in the middle of the floor.  

And gave the boys each a bowl of black raspberries we picked earlier this week. 

I told them they could hold the raspberries to paint or squish them and use their juice on their finger tips to paint or discover a different way to paint with them.

Summer Dragon was very reserved at first, touching the raspberries to get a light coating on his fingertips then making lines on the paper. 

Little Dragon enjoyed throwing and smashing the black raspberries onto the paper

Then examining the mess they made on his hands
This also made a mess all over his legs and socks from the raspberries falling after being thrown or smashed. He didn't mind and thank goodness the carpet is black :)

I encouraged the boys to paint to the music. Mostly they danced while they painted. 

We did not experiment with this much to know if the painting would have looked different with a different type of music. 

Little Dragon continued painted for some time while Summer Dragon was quick to be finished. 

The end result


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